Academy of Art University Debuts Much Diversity At NYFW

At the center of New York Fashion Week, this weeks platform is where a lot of people hope to be recognized yet only a select few will be. On the rare occasion that your styles and fashions are liked, you will be dubbed as being a great new talent. When you are not liked, you are ruled as being the worst trend around.

For the School of Fashion, the Academy of Art University is holding the runway showcase for the 21st time. Located at the Skylight Clarkson Square, the main focus point of everything related to Fashion Week, there are ten recent BFA grads and MFA grads who were debuted during the fashion week. Of these collections, five were focused on womenswear and two were focused on menswear and two of them were collaborations between them.

The designers who were featured in the showcase were diverse in their backgrounds ranging from China’s mainland to the coast of Maine. There were a few far off places through in the midst of it. The broadness of ideas covered silhouettes and craftsman techniques that were set to impress the audience including the Ms. J Alexander that most people know from being a part of America’s Next Top Model.

A school that was formed in 1929 and was labeled as being a school for the advertising art was founded by Richard S. Stephens. He was a painter and editor of a magazine. He controlled the school until 1951 when his son took over. In 1992, Elisa Stephens took over from her father. It was under her presidency that the number of students had increased from nearly 2000 people to over 18,000 people in 2012.

Working Hard with Contour: A NewsWatch TV Review

NewsWatch TV was founded in 1990 and has become one of the best programs when it comes to the latest in technology. The program can be seen on the AMC and Ion networks. The show allows up and coming technology companies to get a foot in the door to promote and sell their products.
The show makes sure that the consumer is well informed about the companies and products being sold on the show. The show makes sure that the advertisements are geared toward the widest possible audience in an easy and understandable manner. One example of how NewsWatch does this is a company called Contour Design.
The goal of Contour Design was to get the word out about new workstations that can adapt to the person using it. Contour Design s wanted to increase their audience to be able to get higher sales. The new ergonomic stations can make life much easier for those who use a keyboard and mouse.
The results of using NewsWatch were instant for the company. Bret Hudson is the Product Design Manager for Contour Design. Once the spot hit the airwaves there was an immediate increase in the number of workstations that were sold. The company could not have been happier with the campaign. The company was able to broaden its reach to more than ninety-five million households. The company saw a dramatic increase in impressions online as well with over half a million. With NewsWatch, Conour Design was able to do exactly what it set out to do.
This is a prime example of how a company like Contour Designs was able to broaden the audience for their products. Contour Designs really appreciates the hard work of NewsWatch and their team. It is the ultimate win-win for both companies as well as consumers.

Malcolm CasSelle Creating Dollar Signs on Virtual Assets

Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX, is a platform enabling users to tokenize virtual assets. Malcolm CasSelle is the current President of this company.

Malcolm CasSelle graduated from both MIT and Standford University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree respectively. His latest work with OPSkins is a tool that converts virtual gaming assets into monetized assets that are tradable virtually. Malcolm excelled in everything he tried, eventually leading to many successful business ventures.

Malcolm CasSelle is an international investor and entrepreneur. He invested heavily in the early stages of Facebook and now Bitcoin. He has launched several successful startup companies as well. Such companies include MediaPass, Xfire, and a combined project between Tencent and Groupon. He eventually took the role as CEO of the company Timeline Labs. This was obtained after he worked for SeaChange International as the Vice President and General Manager. Every job Malcolm CasSelle took he was more than prepared to take the company to even greater heights.

Creating virtual assets helps by giving a monetary value to inanimate objects, such as video game in-game skins. Virtual assets would now have a wax token value that both the virtual asset and its value can be transferred from user to user. This creates another market for gamers to participate in and allows them to invest in their favorite past time. The WAX system helps OPSkins regulate the trading process within the virtual realm. With possible implementation of adding virtual value to physical items through fractionization, the regulation of this currency is very important.

Guilds and the stake consensus algorithm are responsible for regulating the efforts of Transfer Agents. These Transfer Agents are responsible for getting the virtual asset from one owner to another. A regulatory system of continuous and successful transfers boost the Transfer Agents credibility. Non-continuous and unsuccessful transfers diminish rapport with possible clients. This system gives Transfer Agents an incentive to take special care to each and every client.

Malcolm CasSelle is hoping to bring a virtual value to all kinds of products, lowering transaction costs and creating an astounding new marketplace. WAX is becoming truly groundbreaking.

Newswatch TV’s Contour Video Review

You may have seen Contour Design’s marketing video. Perhaps you saw it online somewhere, or perhaps you saw it on television. If you were wondering how they produced such a great video, and how you can also produce such a great video for your own business, you need to look no further than Newswatch TV.

Newswatch TV was hired by Contour to help them market their new line of products. Not only did they see success, but they saw an immediate spike in sales of their Ultimate Workstation, something that they attribute to Newswatch TV one hundred percent.

The video features their Ultimate Workstation. It is beautifully designed, with a great voiceover. The video was produced in a professional manner and is extremely high quality. It shows people using the Ultimate Workstation by incorporating short shoots and images in the right parts of the video. It expertly explains the benefits of using the Ultimate Workstation in a way that entices the viewer to check it out and buy it themselves.

There are many great features of the Ultimate Workstation. The challenge would be fully explaining all of them in such a short video that is only one minute long. Newswatch TV was able to do that and much more. If you watch the video, you will notice that it was expertly produced, and that every single aspect of the video looks like it was worked on for hours.

Newswatch TV Reviews is an American television series. They air every week, and have been doing so since the 1990s. They have aired over 1,000 episodes.

They attract viewers all over the country and all over the world, and they reach over 96 million households in over 200 different markets.

A Look At How Gregory Aziz Transformed The National Steel Car

Railroad is an important means of transport globally. It is used to transport both people and freight over long and short distances at a fraction of the money that would be used to make such trip over land using a public means of transport. Gregory James Aziz’s company, the National Steel Car, focuses on enhancing the success of railroad freight industry through the provision of engineering services and manufacturing of high quality railroad freight cars. After Greg assumed ownership of the revered National Steel Car, the company has become a leader in the competitive industry in North America.


Born on April 30, 1949, James Aziz grew to become one of the most recognized business leaders in Canada. The young Aziz pursed his earlier studies in a local school in London, Ontario before joining Ridley College where he graduated with a degree in business. Determined to sharpen his business skills, Greg Aziz enrolled in the world-renowned University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. Read More On This Page.


When he turned 22, the young graduate decided to take over his family’s wholesale food business known as Affiliated Foods. For 16 years, Greg Aziz focused on enhancing the business, thus helping it to grow and become a leading importer of fresh foods from South America, Central America and Europe. Under his visionary leadership, the company expanded its distribution chain from Eastern Canada to the entire United States.


With Affiliated Foods destined for even greater success, Gregory J Aziz decided to look for new investment opportunities. He spent most of the 80s in New York working on investment banking opportunities. However, in 1994 he decided to shift his focus when he came across an offer to buy the National Steel Car from its then owner,  Dofasco. The shrewd entrepreneur was convinced that he had what it takes to transform the ailing company to a successful corporation and a leader in the railroad freight car manufacturing industry.


Greg James Aziz bought the firm and embarked on improving it. Greg’s approach to strengthen the company’s engineering and team-building capabilities involved injecting more capital into the business and recruiting experienced workers. These efforts transformed the company in five years. The company was now making 12,000 cars a year, up from only 3,500 cars. Its workforce had also grown from 600 to nearly 3,000 employees. The executive leader is still not satisfied; he continues to put more efforts in augmenting the quality of the company’s products and operations. Notably, National Steel Car is the only company in the industry to be certified ISO 9001:2008.

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President Trump Admits To Being A Fan OF Damac’s Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani has been a fixture of the luxury real estate markets in the United Arab Emirates and across the Middle East since he established the DAMAC Properties group in 2002. While many leading luxury real estate developers found themselves struggling to survive as the 2008 global credit crisis took hold, DAMAC remained successful as the Hussain Sajwani family had learned to develop their company in a way that protected them from financial issues. The DAMAC owner explains his company survived the financial crisis with ease after Hussain Sajwani spotted the oncoming problems of the financial crisis and protected his group from damage. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani has seen his luxury real estate developments grow at an amazing speed since he founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 when purchasing a small piece of land many felt would be unsuitable for a luxury development in Abu Dhabi; Hussain Sajwani proved his detractors wrong when the first development of a 38-storey luxury development was sold out in less than six months based solely on the plans produced for the development.


The DAMAC Properties group has continued to develop new luxury real estate options across the Middle East after he entered the market following a change in legal requirements by the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates. Before 2002, ownership of properties in UAE was limited to citizens of the nation and limited the ownership options of Hussain Sajwani until a legal change prompted the establishment of DAMAC.


The success achieved by Hussain Sajwani has made him a global success who has become one of the most important business partners of U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Prior to the New York-based real estate developer entering The White House, Hussain Sajwani had already become a business partner working to construct two golf courses at DAMAC resorts bearing the Trump name. Upon entering the Oval Office, President Trump explained he had turned down a $2 billion deal to complete more luxury developments with Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC which may be resurrected once the President leaves office. Learn more:

Gregory Aziz, the Backbone of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a multi-talented man, calling him a jack of all trades would be an understatement. He is the current chairman, president, and CEO of the National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, at a town called Ontario.


Greg went to Ridley College, and then later joined Western Ontario University where he undertook his Majors in Economics. After his majors in the year 1971 Greg Aziz joined his family wholesale food business which would later become the world’s largest fish importer. He would go on to join the banking world in New York in the 1980s to 1190s which would equip him with the skills to organize and buy the National steel cars in 1994.



Greg Aziz’s main aim while purchasing the steel companies was to transform into a leading railroad company in North America solely. With commitment and investment, the company gradually increased its manufacturing capability from 3500-12,000 cars in the year 1999 and as a result employment increased.



Due to the company’s outstanding performance, the National Steel Car Company is one of the leading companies, and it’s the only railroad freight cars in North America. National Steel Car benefit the Hamilton community through several charities. Both Greg Aziz and his wife Irene are philanthropists they generously give to the society and various charities especially Royal agriculture winter fair.


Greg James Aziz undeniable creativity in the field of engineering and manufacturing has enabled the steel company to be voted and awarded as the most leading railroad cars in North America for 18years. Aziz has worked in the business for more than 23 years. His mission is to provide quality cars in his current market.



Many organizations benefit from the National Steel Car these include companies like the Salvation Army, the United Way and Hamilton Opera to mention but a few. The company is also known for hosting Christmas party each year for the current and former employees. These local food drives are recognized to benefit the community’s local food banks.



The businessman is recognized as one of the leading businessmen in Ontario. The community appreciates him for the immense contribution he has played in the community. These include his vision and administration expertise, his outstanding relationship with both his staff and the community at large. Go Here To Learn More.



His commitment is in serving his community and the staff in his company through charities and providing formal employment.


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Samuel Strauch and his Thoughts about Bitcoin and the Real Estate Industry

Samuel Strauch, the founder and principal of Metrik – a real estate firm, opened his mind about real estate industry, changing prospects of bitcoin, and the plans of his company. He says that the world is changing very quickly, and that boosts him into look into new areas of business. Strauch already confirmed that his company has laid out plans to work in the hospitality sector as well, considering the changing prospects of people, especially on investment type real estate choices. Additionally, he thinks that technology is shaping the industry in a larger way like any other industry. Samuel Strauch is highly positive about those changes and thinks that better strategy would yield from such changes. Learn more Samuel Strauch interviews on

He recently expressed his opinion that bitcoin is expected to sweep the real estate industry in the coming years. Miami real estate has already embraced bitcoin, and the professionals in the real estate of Miami already found the advantages of using bitcoin in larger transactions. While coming to real estate transactions through banks, most U.S. banks charge nearly $4,000 for a $100,000 deal, and when the deal amount goes up, transaction fee also shoots up. When it comes to bitcoin, the fee is very minimal, and many millions can be transacted with a processing fee less than $10. As a decentralized currency, bitcoin does not need any central servers for the transaction.

As a Miami realtor, Samuel Strauch sees greater opportunities with bitcoin in the industry with its ideal positioning. He says that people who plan to buy properties with bitcoin should go through regular title procedure. The buyer has to maintain an escrow account, and once the transaction is completed, the buyer transfers the rest of the payment in the form of bitcoin to the seller or title company. Samuel Strauch also says that realtors would use blockchain technology in future to reduce the closing process and real estate transaction time, drastically.

Samuel Strauch completed his education from Erasmus University, Hofstra University, and Harvard. He started his career in the banking industry and later switched into real estate as his family was involved in real estate business in South Florida. After working close to 15 years in the industry as a real estate agent, he established Metrik Real Estate with a focus on comprehensive real estate solutions to the buyers and sellers. Interestingly, Samuel Strauch currently holds real estate broker license in Latin America as well and expanded his business to South American countries. Read more:


Sussex Health Care And Maximum Convenience

Sussex Health Care is a widely known independent business that’s in charge of support services and care facilities in the United Kingdom. It mostly operates in Sussex, England. The company is at the helm of 20 residences. Sussex Health Care gives people access to all kinds of services that center around elderly care. Although elderly care is a focal point for Sussex Health Care, it’s not all that they provide. Sussex Health Care also caters to individuals who have issues with learning. It even caters to those who have physical troubles. People who suffer from neurological matters regularly turn to the team at Sussex Health Care.

There are a vast range of reasons to select Sussex Health Care. The company’s care residences, first and foremost, have highly dedicated staff members. They have extensive training. High-quality nursing assistance is also often accessible to patients around the clock. Sussex Health Care’s homes are extremely modern and updated facilities, too. They provide residents with all kinds of conveniences and advancements that can encourage maximum comfort and ease of mind. Sussex Health Care is a business that’s constantly improving and trying to keep up with changes in the healthcare field.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Excels in Meeting Complex Nursing Home Challenges

Sussex Health Care can make a strong company path for people who appreciate choice. The company concentrates on care services that are suitable for the elderly. It also specializes in numerous other categories. People who are in need of care for PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities), neurological problems and dementia can all get behind Sussex Health Care and its plentiful offerings.

This company can be a high-quality option for people who prioritize maximum comfort. Its homes are always bright and wonderfully maintained. Since they’re clean and meticulous, they can provide residents with living environments that are optimal for health and happiness. Sussex Health Care’s homes are never dark, dingy or neglected. They’re always the opposite of that. Sussex Health Care also presents residents with an abundance of engaging and stimulating activities. This can do so much for residents’ mental states. People who live in these homes can easily connect with others. They can build friendships that can stay with them for life. They can take part in all kinds of activities that can sharpen their minds, too. They can participate in games. They can learn new things about the planet. They can enjoy interesting conversations with other residents. The options are varied.


Bruno Fagali- Why compliance is necessary for business and better world

Compliance can be defined as acting according to directives given and in most in the form of rules, internal statements (Memos), a command, or even a simple request.

When it comes to law practice, compliance means a lot. It is an area that ensures that law is followed to the letter both in the regular space and the business world. In the former, compliance covers both business’ activities as well as the businesses themselves.

Today, compliance is of much interest in corporate leadership – directors as well as the executives. Compliance helps them detect any malpractice be it illegal conduct or any lousy practice within the business sector.

Recently, the Brazilian government enacted laws that made it mandatory for businesses to have ethics and compliance systems. Bruno Fagali, a corporate integrity manager at Agencia nova/sb and a member of Fagali Advocacia, seconded this move by the government.

Bruno Fagali mentioned that the new law would scare off companies from engaging in illegal acts such fraudulent acquisition of tenders, bribery, or joining cartels.

However, Bruno Fagali also raises another concern that it is not enough to zero-in only on companies, but the law should also cover their associates (partners) by leveraging the registration analysis. He added that the law should look into whether the partner is compliant with laws on child labor, slave labor, and safe working environment.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno is an attorney based in Brazil who specializes in ethics, compliance, the administrative and urban law as well as regulatory law. Bruno has years of experience in law practice coupled with a good reputation.

Bruno Fagali owns a law firm under the name Fagali Advocacy. He went to Pontifical Catholic University, where he obtained bachelors’ degree in Administrative law. Later, he joined the University of Sao Paulo for master’s degree.

Besides running his law firm, Bruno Fagali serves as Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/SB as we mentioned earlier.

This position has enabled him to inculcate into various businesses that he consults with the power of integrity for instance advertising agencies; he advises them to refrain from misleading the public. Bruno himself is an honorable man. His self-drive is what makes many admire him as well as his work. Check more: