Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers Redefine their Music

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the hit EDM band the Chainsmokers just released a new single, “Sick Boy”. “Sick Boy” is their first release of 2018 and has turned some heads for the darker message it contains. According to Pall and Taggart it is new direction they are taking their music, but it is also a direction they started on back in 2016. Their hit single “Closer” was the first example of the groups desire to separate themselves from EDM DJs and attempt to find success as overall artists. “Closer” which was a combined effort between the duo and sensation Halsey, was the first time Andrew Taggart took the reigns as lead vocalist. As EDM DJ’s do not usually provide their own lead vocals, the decision was a very personal one. An attempt to better connect with their audience, something they continue to do with “Sick Boy”.


“Sick Boy” advocates the scary downside of social media. It also is the DJ duo’s chance to vent about their overall lack of privacy. The song features a lyric or two about oversaturation, which is a state Pall and Taggart currently suffer from. It also looks at the pressure of social media, the lack of personality it creates, and the conformity many find themselves surrendering too. Very serious stuff for a dance song, but the Chainsmokers are not interested in dance music. They are interested in artistry, and “Sick Boy” is another step in their formation as artists. According to Pall the duo works constantly to define who they are, and where they are going. As “Closer” redefined their music by Taggart becoming part of the human element, “Sick Boy” abandons their old sound in favor of something new. The first of many that will focus on deep issues, “Sick Boy” is taking the duo on a necessary road. They feel that they have made all the music they need to make with their current sound, and the only way is forward. It remains to be seen as to whether their listeners will make the move. So far they are right behind them.

A Day Of Fun And Laughs With Kim Dao & Friends

Kim Dao starts the video while doing her hair. She has about 5 minutes before she has to leave. She is going to Yokohama to spend some time with her friend, who is going to help her film. Later, she will be attending an event that her friend invited her to. After she leaves, she plans on going to one of her other friend’s house for a switch party. She will edit some videos while she is there. Kim Dao thought it would be a good idea to take her YouTube followers along with her while she explores Yokohama. She hasn’t been there since last year.Learn more :


Kim Dao plans on going to Australia for awhile. She wants to make sure she spends some time with loved ones before she starts traveling. She will be gone for about 2 months.


Kim Dao takes the train to China Town first to do some filming. She meets up with Chris O’Cono. She runs into some of her viewers. They have some fun and share some laughs about a toy. They meet some more v-loggers. They have lunch at a Chinese buffet. While Kim and Chris are heading to the event, they tell a story about Chris. Kim Dao is at the event but she wishes she could take a shower because it is so hot. She meets up with other friends and has some fun. They all get free beer. They go to a donut shop and do some more site seeing. Kim Dao ends the video at her friend’s house. They are about to eat pizza and play video games.Learn more :


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