Krishen Iyer CEO of Managed Benefits


Krishen Iyer works with Managed Benefits, otherwise known as Quicklink Marketing. It is with Managed Benefits that Krishen Iyer uses his expertise as an online marketer, technical developer and a person who gives himself totally to client relations. He lives in Fresno, California and is responsible for part of Quick Link Marketing’s rise to its recent achievements. Quick Link Marketing has taken online marketing to the next level. Krishen Iyer following his training at Quick Link Marketing, has been able to provide his clients with an effective lead-generation program fit specifically for his clients.


Work Ethic


Krishen Iyer prides himself in exercising an overcome it attitude when it comes to intellectual curiosity. Krishen is very detailed-oriented in his mindset and uses it to his advantage in speaking to clients. These same qualities carried him forward during his student years at Grossmont College as well as at San Diego University. It was there he earned a degree in public administration as well as urban development.


Daily Activities


According to Krishen, the mission of Quick Link is to establish a connection between businesses that are searching for specialized solutions with companies that can help offer them the solution they need. His daily routine usually beings with meeting the clients he needs to contact followed by working with his technical team and finally continue his marketing responsibilities. Once Krishen establishes the needs of his clients he spends the rest of the day completing those needs for his clients. One of his favorite things to do is bring to life the ideas he brainstorms with his team.


Forward-looking Attitute


Krishen doesn’t like to look back at past errors but rather like to look forward to new potential opportunities and the development of his career. Krishen recommends that anyone who thought of becoming an entrepreneur is to develop the skill of being able to communicate with others since it is both a talent that one is gifted with, but also a skill that also needs development.


Iyer is the founder and CEO of Managed Benefit Services.

More Than Construction: Aloha Construction Brings Restoration

Whether you suffer from mold, water or fire damage, Aloha Construction is the company you need to get in contact with to get back on track. They also offer affordable remodeling options to upgrade your home from concept to completion in a blink of an eye.


Who Is Aloha Construction?

Launched in March of 2008, Aloha Construction quickly became a company known for great products and services. With president Dave Farbaky at the helm, guiding the company on the right path, they have garnered an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their services include:

*Kitchen Remodeling

*Bathroom Renovations





Pride In Their Craft

They are located in Lake County Illinois and proudly serve the surrounding area. They pride themselves on doing a great job. Unlike competitors, they will never leave you unsatisfied. Maybe this is why they currently possess a grade of 4.9 with the BBB. They even offer a free property inspection at no cost to you. Feel free to contact them with any questions you have and they’ll be more than happy to answer them.


Award Winning Aloha Construction

Last year they were given the Torch Award for ethics by the BBB. This award is given to business entities that display exemplary ethics in their field.


The Philanthropy of Aloha Construction

They proudly give back to their community. They’ve recently donated a brand new truck to the American Red Cross. They know how much the American Red Cross does within the community in times of crisis. From fires, floods and other disasters they are on the front line. Helping the displaced victims with food, clothing, shelter, disaster kits and more. Last year they aiding almost 8,000 people from Chicago in one way or another.


Aloha Construction is helping to rebuild the community from the inside out. They know that when we work together we can accomplish anything.

Melding of PSI Pay and Western Union Helps Online Wallet Holders

The merging of Western Union’s money movement network within the ecoAccount system now allows ecoPay users to transfer funds. Uniting the two systems enables a whole new class of payment processors to connect to the global Agent network of the Western Union Company. EcoPayz payment offerings are Western Union’s first UK based online wallet agent.


The large capacity of Western Union and its multi-channel money transfer abilities allow for unhindered movement of funds regardless of whether they are digital or cash. The union of ecoPay and Western Union marks the first enablement of a non-bank online wallet provider in the UK. As a result, PSI-Pay Ltd. (the provider of ecoPay and other payment services), will be positioned to offer flexibility with regards to location and features. Future plans will add services to the ecoPay mobile app.


This integration is not just a benefit for PSI-Pay Ltd. Since almost a third of banking customers worldwide are now using products and services from non-traditional sources, this new combination puts Western Union in a strategic position for new global growth opportunities.

The Western Union Company uses an omnichannel platform to connect physical and digital currency in a way that makes receiving and paying easy and reliable. As of 2018, the network has included over half a million retail Agent locations in more than 200 countries. In addition, is now available in over 40 countries and has helped move over 300 billion dollars in nearly 130 different currencies.


As an authorized e-money institution, PSI Pay Ltd. is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to circulate e-money, payment instruments, as well as other related products. Additionally, PSI Pay is licensed to issue multiple payment card types and is a Principal Issuing Member of Visa and Mastercard Worldwide. These regulations and licensing help to differentiate the products and services offered by PSI Pay from unregulated currencies like cryptocurrency. The transparency, efficiency and security of the its platform has allowed PSI Pay to offer real-time transfer of funds in 44 currencies across 173 countries.

Whitney Wolfe Shields Men From Rejection With Bumble

     When it comes to dating apps Whitney Wolfe knows exactly what she is doing. She has created a powerful dating app called Bumble, and that is actually her second time gaining a level of success in the dating after industry. The first time she became successful with a dating app was when she co-founded Tinder. This is the thing that led her to a whole new generation of digital young millennials that were craving something different. More of the older dating companies like eHarmony and Match were geared towards people in their late twenties and middle-aged people that were looking for someone to marry.

What Whitney Wolfe did with the dating app like Tender is make a decision to give millennials a chance to meet each other hang out more before they engaged into a full-on relationship. That was a greater emphasis that was put on Tinder, and many people thought that this was very innovative. This, however, would only be the beginning for Whitney Wolfe. As time progressed, she would become the type of person that could bring even more innovation to the dating app industry. She would be able to do this by revealing another aspect of dating that changed the way that men and women look at the online dating app industry.

Whitney Wolfe created a feminist dating app, but in doing so she addressed a major issue that men have. What Whitney Wolfe did was address the issue that men often feel from rejection when they use dating apps to contact women. She would use her research to create a new dating app that totally change the way that people looked at dating. For men the dating app called Bumble would be great because it actually put less pressure on them to make the first move.

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