Whitney Wolfe Shields Men From Rejection With Bumble

     When it comes to dating apps Whitney Wolfe knows exactly what she is doing. She has created a powerful dating app called Bumble, and that is actually her second time gaining a level of success in the dating after industry. The first time she became successful with a dating app was when she co-founded Tinder. This is the thing that led her to a whole new generation of digital young millennials that were craving something different. More of the older dating companies like eHarmony and Match were geared towards people in their late twenties and middle-aged people that were looking for someone to marry.

What Whitney Wolfe did with the dating app like Tender is make a decision to give millennials a chance to meet each other hang out more before they engaged into a full-on relationship. That was a greater emphasis that was put on Tinder, and many people thought that this was very innovative. This, however, would only be the beginning for Whitney Wolfe. As time progressed, she would become the type of person that could bring even more innovation to the dating app industry. She would be able to do this by revealing another aspect of dating that changed the way that men and women look at the online dating app industry.

Whitney Wolfe created a feminist dating app, but in doing so she addressed a major issue that men have. What Whitney Wolfe did was address the issue that men often feel from rejection when they use dating apps to contact women. She would use her research to create a new dating app that totally change the way that people looked at dating. For men the dating app called Bumble would be great because it actually put less pressure on them to make the first move.

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