How Sheldon Lavin Became the Leader of the OSI Group

The OSI Group is one of the top-performing companies in America according to Forbes, but they are also a low profile company, not frequently being heard in the news but can produce more than $6 billion worth of profit in the past. The company is headed by Sheldon Lavin, serving as its chairman and CEO for decades. Under his leadership, the OSI Group became a global leader in supplying processed meat and other protein products, and he also upgraded the company’s role in acquiring smaller retail brands and other food services firms.He entered the industry more than four decades ago, and since becoming the head of the company, he developed skills and abilities that are not familiar to him before. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Before he became a part of the OSI Group, he is working as a banking executive and an investor. He also established his own financial consulting firm, providing financial assistance to businesses that are short in the capital. He is a total stranger in the food processing industry, and the reason why he accepted the challenge to serve the food industry is for him to expand his knowledge on how to manage these kinds of businesses.

He first met the owner of Otto & Sons in the 70s decade after Otto Kolschowsky asked him for financial assistance. Otto Kolschowsky’s company was selected by McDonald’s Corporation to become their official business partner, and they were tasked to deliver burger patties to all of their restaurants across the country. However, as McDonald’s Corporation expanded overseas, Otto & Sons had to catch up, but Otto Kolschowsky admitted that he does not have additional capital, and had to work with Sheldon Lavin to get additional financing. He immediately contacted his business partners and other networks and asked for financial assistance to be given to Otto & Sons. However, the bank required Otto Kolschowsky to provide Sheldon Lavin with a financial investment with company as a sort of collateral.

Otto Kolschowsky agreed to the condition, and he started working with Sheldon Lavin indirectly. Through the years, Otto & Sons have dominated the industry, eventually becoming the OSI Group. Otto Kolschowsky decided to turn over the company to Sheldon Lavin, as he and his children wanted to retire from managing the business. He accepted the offer, and he started leading the company to success. He still could not believe that the business transformed positively under his leadership, and it keeps on breaking new records and receiving more profit as they acquire more companies operating in the same industry.