Securus Technologies Help Secure the Perimeter of Prison with their Wireless Containment Systems

Phones have changed the way we interact and communicate with other people. It has allowed us to stay in touch with our family and friends who live far off. Today, one can send photos and videos within seconds through the phone. But, even if they are useful, they can be a source of the problem for many industries. Prison industry has been dealing with the issues of phones for quite some time. Smuggling of phones inside the prison has grown in the past years. Earlier, inmates used to bribe some guards who need money to help them smuggle phones inside. But, today one does not have to bribe too as their associates outside can efficiently use drones to drop phones in the prison yards.


If the prisoners easily get their hands on these contraband phones, they can use it for many different purposes, including controlling their criminal activities from inside the prison. There are many dangerous criminals inside the prison who have their vast criminal network on the outside. If they get their hand on contraband phones, these criminals can use it to not only control the illegal activities but can also put the lives of numerous people in danger, including law enforcement officers. Many officers have been attacked, assaulted and even murdered due to the hit ordered from inside the prison using the contraband phones. The contraband phones disrupt the safe environment inside the prison and must not be allowed. The correctional agencies have already used many different ways to catch the inmates who have been using the contraband phones and found out how these contraband phones make it inside the prison, but unfortunately, they continue to find their way inside the prison.


The correctional agencies feel that the only way these contraband phones can be eliminated from use inside the prison is with the help of technology. It is where the role of Securus Technologies plays a vital role. The wireless containment system by Securus Technologies makes sure that no contraband phone inside the prison can connect itself to the commercial network, and thus, make those contraband phones un-useable for making calls. All of the contraband phones inside the prisons where the wireless containment system is set up would become useless. The prisoners would only be allowed to make authorized calls to their friends and families. It is something that Securus Technologies has been working for long as the company knows that the use of contraband phones can be dangerous to the prison environment. In the one year that wireless containment system was installed in the eight prisons where Securus Technologies’ serve, the wireless containment solutions was able to stop at least 1.7 million communications. It is a huge achievement for a technology that is still evolving and is in the infancy stage.


Securus Technologies’ BBB Accreditation and Service

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is a provider for detainee communications, parolee tracking, and managing government information. It helps 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states, DC, Mexico, and Canada and has the information of over 100,000 inmates. They specialize in helping law enforcement communities. The company has served over 25 million people.


Securus Technologies’ headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, with regional offices in Dallas as well as Atlanta, Georgia.


Securus Technologies has recently acquired JPay, a technology company that has introduced electronic payments, emails, and educational and entertainment-related apps. JPay operates its services in over 33 state prison facilities.


The company has also received its Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, getting an A+ rating. Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos states that Securus Technologies had gotten its BBB accreditation from fulfilling standards that include advertising honestly, safeguarding privacy, and being transparent.


In addition, Securus Technologies has established a 220-seat in-house call center, which is the largest in its industry. The call center will help Securus have more control over customer service and had ultimately helped the company earn its BBB accreditation. Receiving over 2.5 million calls a month, the call center has a customer satisfaction of 4.3 out of 5.


The Many Voices Of Securus Technologies

Service In Over 2,600 Facilities


The foundation of success for Securus Technologies is founded on a clear business demand. The agency works to sustain over 2,000 facilities, and these facilities are creating a substantial brand in private business. The agency’s security solutions are effective and continue to define modern-day safety as we know it.


The needs of the private industry begin with greater safety. The safety involved helps to protect information, resources or access to important facilities. The standing ground of these organizations enable strong growth in protecting the private industry and therefore the public world.


A Stunning Display In Security


Securus Technologies agency brings tremendous advancements to its market, and the end result is a stunning technological display. You may confuse the Securus agency profile with that of a James Bond movie. The new tech the agency develops redefines safety and offers society wider protection.


The level of protection is against the infiltration of information, usable goods or cash values. The stunning display Securus makes is grounded in a successful history against criminal minds.


Consolidation To One Company


Bringing the many steps of technological security under one umbrella is key.


What the U.S. needs in private sector security is the consolidated of one agency. That agency is Securus Technologies, and it holds the most major contracts issued by the U.S. government.


The legacy built by Securus Technologies is in its leading security measures that are taken against criminals worldwide. There’s an active agenda against most private facilities, and the U.S. Government is relying on Securus Technologies. The agency puts together a large dynamic and leads as “the” security developer.