What Makes NGP VAN An Innovative Campaign Tool?

NGP VAN won an award for the most innovative product for campaigns and elections. Besides this, the firm has won the award for the best use of new technology from AAPC.

Campaigns usually encounter more challenges in the last quarter compared to other periods. The campaign teams have to ensure they meet financial goals.

This is a stressful time for both finance and tech teams involved in any campaign. It means that campaign teams have to adopt a different tactic to achieve this aim.

NGP VAN is committed to making each campaign endeavor a success. The firm offers the following recommendations for campaign teams in the fourth quarter. If adhered to, the campaign will sail to success.

It pays to have a cache of simple ideas. NGP VAN understands that when sending emails for days in a row, it is easy to deplete your ideas.

Statistics on campaign strength, average contribution, powerful testimonies, emails from donors, and a measure of how close you are to meeting your goal are just some ideas NGP recommends for your emails.

NGP VAN suggests you note any ideas you have as soon as possible. Then work on these ideas and expand them to useful content.

This could take up much of your time, but advance preparation will save you more time. When you have a bank of pre-composed and approved content, you just have to code the emails, pick an appropriate title, and report back.

Staying organized is the key to success. Create a calendar for the period, then plan for each activity based on the time span. This will help you keep track of approved and sent emails, which will relieve the stress involved in juggling many activities.

Take time off to reward yourself for achieving your goals. This will help reinforce the disciplined behavior that got you there and give you time for a break.

Besides this, it also helps the team members get together and scrutinize the tactics they used.

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George Soros: Combining Politics and Activism to Make the Society Better

Born in the year 1930 in Budapest Hungary, George immigrated to the USA in the year 1956 after he landed a job as an arbitrage trader with the F.M Mayer Company. Since then Soros has never looked back. He is the founder of Open Society Foundations, Quantum Group of Funds, Soros Fund Management, MoveOn.org and International Crisis Group just to name a few.

George Soros has never shied away when it comes to dishing out cash to help out the needy as well as his political friends. As a world renowned billionaire, and according to the Federal Election Commission (FCE), it is estimated that Soros donated more than $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton presidential bid in the 2017 US election. Though Hillary eventually lost, the fact that most of the funding came from Soros cannot be assumed at all.

His desire to support Hillary Clinton can be seen in the fact that he has had a formidable relationship with Hillary Clinton that dates back to more than 25 years. By the end of June last year according to the records filed by FEC, George Soros had donated around $7 million to the PAC team that was mandated with overseeing the Clinton campaign. An extra $3 million was also given bringing the total to $10 million and making it his largest single donation. Read his profile at Forbes.

Apart from donating cash directly to the Hillary support team, records obtained by FEC also show that Soros dished out more than $2 million to an opposition research foundation (American Bridge 21st Century) that primarily dealt with targeting Trump and his fellow Republican politicians as a way of exploiting their flaws. An extra $700,000 was also donated to PAC’s, and the Democratic Party committees which included Clinton’s.

During the same election period, Soros donated $2 million to the America Votes, a group associated with voter mobilization.

When it comes to supporting activism, George Soros has been on the forefront in ensuring that each person is treated respectfully. During the Ferguson protests that were triggered by the cold blood murder of Michael Brown in the hands of a police officer, it is was established that the funding of the protesting groups and their leaders was facilitated by none other than George Soros.

From the information obtained from the Open Society Foundations and uncovered by The Washington Times, it is believed that George Soros donated at least $33 million in a span of one year to support and prepare the grassroots groups.

George Soros funded groups mobilized people and made it their responsibility to remotely monitor as well as exploit any incident that could be portrayed as a conservative crime in the eyes of the organization. Read this story about George at politico.com




End Citizen Smart Strategy of Ending Citizen United

End Citizen was established in 2015 and has grown into a successful company making $2million in a month. Its mainly funded by grass-root donors who share in the vision of rid of rigged political system that see billionaires influence the tide of elections. End Citizen steers campaigns for people who want to see reforms in ending a lot of money in politics and also the end of dark money.


The political action committee planned to fully participate in influencing reforms in 2016. This by supporting those who were running as Democratic candidates in senate races and competitive House in the country.


Their goal was that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision is reversed by passing a constitutional amendment which saw that PACs given powers less powers that made a trend of billionaires to push for their own political interest in untraceable, unlimited money in elections. End Citizens have managed to get 325, 000 people to sign the petition that seeks to pass the new amendment. Their partnership with Hillarys’ group “Ready for Hillary “boosted them up to get over 4,000,000 people from the grassroots.


End Citizen managed to endorse 11 democratic leaders. According to Carbo, they said the group is unique from other groups since their strategy involves getting the people they have selected to be elected who can amend the constitution. This means that their candidates must be in line with End Citizens’ goals of being against Citizen United


They plan to support their candidate financially in campaigns and also start campaign on both state level and local level. According to Rick Hasen, a professor of law, for the constitution amendment to go through, it must be approved by two-thirds from senate house. He, however, was of the opinion that this will put pressure on politicians and Supreme Court not to worsen things. It will also help creating public awareness.


The group has received huge donations having great support from grassroots of over $14.86 . They plan to raise over $35 million before 2018. Their average total amount they received is $ 12million in 2016 which they feel the system is against them since those who have money have the biggest say. They argue that those whom they try to campaign against get huge support very easily than them. After Trumps win,, the group is still ready to fight especially on his nominees and agenda, this includes the Supreme Court nominee.


The group is still strategizing to see which active role they will play in 2018 by planning to campaign for Jon Tester OF Montana and Sherron Brown of Ohio. According to Adam Bozzi , End Citizen United spokesperson ,he said that the group has built strong bonds to the donors from grassroots as opposed to mere activism, this makes the group stands out from other groups as the strongest PAC group ever.