How Clayton Hutson Succeeds In The Live Entertainment Industry

Clayton Hutson says that he knew early on in life that he wanted to work behind the scenes in the live music industry. In order to reach this goal he went to Central Michigan University and earned a fine arts degree in technical production and theatre design. He also attended this university’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business in order to earn an MBA. Since 1999 he has worked for Getagrip Touring as a production manager. He has served in this position for a number of huge musicians such as Jennifer Nettles and Prince. He has been a stage manager for other musicians such as Kanye West.

At Ronin Event Creative Clayton Hutson has been the vice president of production since 2001 as well. He started out in the live industry working on Christian crusader Billy Graham’s national tours. He says that he was able to eventually change over to rock and roll which was a lifelong dream of his. Some of the musicians he has worked with since making that switch are Kid Rock, Guns, and Roses, and OneRepublic.

In one of Clayton Hutson’s latest interviews, he says that he started his own business in this industry after having garnered enough experience to feel comfortable doing so. He says he has worked extensively in every facet of the live entertainment industry so he knew what he was looking for when hiring a crew to work for him. He says that it was a calculated risk that paid off when his company found success signing up to work for many established musicians.

One tool that Clayton Hutson uses extensively during the day is CAD design. He says that as a stage manager he needs to know the exact dimensions of a concert venue. The reason for this is to head off problems if the doors are too small for all of the equipment, for example. He has to use his imagination, though to picture the lighting and sound of each venue.

Clayton Hutson says that people who attend musical concerts and his clients expect an exhilarating event every night of the tour. Due to this he has to stay on top of all of the technology that is always being introduced into his industry. He is getting tired of giant video screens, though, and really enjoy acts who bring something that hasn’t been seen many times over before.¬†Learn more:¬†