Brad Reifler’s Take On The Real Money Monster In Wall Street

Brad Reifler has given his expert opinions to the business media and Wall Street information publications, and one of his latest opinions was a review of the new movie Money Monster. The film is about a man who blames a TV host for bad investment advice he was given and takes him hostage when he loses his investment.

Reifler explains how even though the characters in the film are all fictional, many people have experienced real situations similar to that of the film. But Brad Reifler did say that there are changes you can make to the way you invest to avoid the tragedy of the film.

Reifler says that investors shouldn’t just look to the stock market as the primary source of investing because while it has a lot of good options, it can be a very risky investment environment.

He also says investors should be careful of who they choose to advise and manage their investments because most advisors are only interested in making money off the investor rather than making sure their fund performs well. And then Reifler says investors need to have a goal and not quit investing until they reach it. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler began investing not long after graduating from Bowdoin College. He opened an independent futures operation known as Reifler Trading Co. that specialized in all kinds of funds ranging from discretionary accounts to global derivatives and private equity. The company was sold for large profits to Refco years later.

Reifler founded a billion-dollar hedge fund firm known as Pali Capital in 1995 that ran for 15 years. Then in 2010 he founded Forefront Capital, a multi-service alternative investment company that became highly successful with fortune 1000 and investment banking clients.

Brad Reifler started Forefront Income Trust in 2014 because he had wanted to make investing outside the stock market possible for those outside the 1%.

Part of what had driven Reifler to start this company was the time that he had tried to invest his father’s company in a good IRA plan but found that he couldn’t because his father was unaccredited. So Reifler’s new investment fund is now open to investing in for as little as $1,000.