VP Robert Thikoll and Beckman Coulter Enhances Chr. Hansen’s Workflow

Hansen’s team needed a liquid handling automation which would help to speed up their production of library-liquid samples a day. At Christian Hansen, they performed a kinetic analysis for the dairy culture in a way to enhance shelf life on food products.

During the workflow activity, these libraries were done manually. However, this routine proved to be inefficient for producing an ideal amount of 24 samples a day. The manual process usually took three days to meet the quota. With the use of an automated program, 48 samples could be done in a day.

Moreover, the data are more consistent with stable robots performing these tasks. Lab techs and chemists would master the whole setup — engineer’s service was unnecessary. The robots are now being used to prepare libraries at Christian Hansen. However, the time-consuming part of the order is placing the samples into the equipment and pressing the button. Once the sequence is done within 6 to seven hours, the samples’ library is prepared.

To make the assembly work with no pitfalls, Beckman Coulter has collaborated with the technical engineers and application scientists of the customer Chr. Hansen. With the use of the Biomek 4000 workstation, Chr. Hansen has primarily benefited by having consistent data, speed, and a successful conclusion.

Beckman Coulter, Inc. makes medical diagnostic equipment, and it runs under Robert Thikoll, vice-president of global manufacturing operations. Mr. Thikoll has taken on various positions with Danaher Corporation companies, which includes Beckman Coulter.

What’s more, Robert is married with children and has a bachelor’s degree in political science. Also, his degree covers Japanese, government and Asian studies at the University Of Arizona State — where he graduated in 1990.

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