The Brown Modeling Agency Conquers Runways Nationwide With Young, Talented Beauty

In 2015, Wilhelmina Austin founded the Brown Agency. The Brown Modeling Agency came as a result of Heyman Talent-South acquisition. The former and the latter are two of the leading talent agencies in the region. To ensure the agency success, Austin joined the best forces from the two companies, joining unique abilities and strengths. The office is the only organization in Austin to provide full-service, and it is among the only few agency in entire Texas. Austine launched the company alongside Justin Brown in 2010, which developed to be one of the most established modeling talent agencies in central Texas.




The agency provides a full portfolio of experienced, talented models, and provided opportunities for young gifted models to advance. Based in Dallas, the organization is led by Justin Brown. Brown posts as the company CEO, while the Michael B. Bonnee, the founder of Heyman Talent-South, works in the theatrical division of the agency. The agency found praise in delivering dependable models who’ve seen their place in the world of high fashion, working alongside the biggest names in the industry for many years.




The Brown Modeling Agency became known for their elegant and professional models. Their goal is to maintain high standards when it comes to marketing and talent expectations, which resulted in numerous models finding their place in the world of high fashion.




Since then, the Brown Modeling Agency became the top agency in Texas to provide modeling and commercial success. The agencies models gained exposure through working with leading brands in the fashion industry, such as L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell and thousands more of well-known companies. Its models, originating from central Texas, came to be known.




Ever since their founding, the company managed to maintain high standards when it came to signing and supervising the work of their models. The result was a broad portfolio of professional and reliable models who have earned the company a respectable reputation, making their way to the designer runways across the world.




Since 2015, the talents working for The Brown Modeling Agency haven’t been engaged only in the U.S. They have also conquered runways across Europe, working with international brands such as L’Oreall, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton. Moreover, the models coming from the Brown Modeling Agency have walked all the major national fashion events. These include Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Understanding that the value of the company depends on their talent, the Brown Modeling Agency team dedicated their efforts to find the best, most talented models with pleasant personalities and professional approach.



The result of their efforts came in the form of grand commercial success, earning the company a nation-wide known reputation among the top U.S.-based modeling talent agencies. Check out to see more.





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