James River Capital: Changes Leaders Should Consider

Leadership means so much in a company. The best companies in the global market are those that have been fortunate to get great leaders who know their roles perfectly. Managing a team of professionals in the workplace needs a lot of expertise. James River Capital is an institution that has been excelling in the recent times because of the leadership it has been getting from its founder, Paul Saunders. Saunders and his company have introduced some tips to help most of the companies in the market to change for the better and make more money in the competitive market. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc


Your team should be support. Never be interested in leading them


When Facebook was founded several years ago, its founders thought of a unique strategy to make it successful. The managers of the popular social media account were given the role of supporting the team, not leading them. The founder of the company saw the shift that would be brought by the supporting team, and he chose to embrace it so that the popular site can be successful. This change was small and looked insignificant to many. Several years later, Facebook is one of the most successful social media platforms in the world, and the support team is doing so much to encourage this growth.


Encourage your team and ensure that you are open to change


Experts concluded a research recently, and they were shocked by the things they discovered. Over eighty percent of the company workers are not willing to share critical feedback with the company management. The researchers realized these employees felt that by speaking to the company bosses about crucial activities going on in the company, they will only be welcoming trouble. James River Capital encourages open communication between the management and employees, and this ensured that there is transparency and engagement in all the parties. The employees should never fear their bosses whenever they have to speak about improvements, challenges, and problems that are facing a company. Only the management can effectively introduce this communication in the company by showing that they appreciate any feedback, whether positive or negative.


All opinions in the company are important


As a leader, your greatest job is to be the support of an organization. This simply means that your responsibility is to remove anything that is hindering the growth and progress of your company. When speaking to the people in your organization, it is paramount to note those who are quiet and try to engage them too. These people might not be comfortable speaking in front of people, but it is crucial to encourage them to share their challenges so that you can have the opinions of all people. Never push the quiet team too much because they will not be comfortable around you in the future.


How Infinity Group Australia Is Gaining Recognition From the AFR

Infinity Group Australia is an Australian mortgage broker that has been gaining recognition for being one of Australia’s most innovative companies as well as having outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction rates. Infinity Group has been building up a reputation for being an extremely effective debt reduction company. In 2018, the Australian Financial Review, one of Australia’s most recognized financial and economic publications recognized Infinity Group by putting them at number 58 in their list of Australia’s most innovative companies. this is considered a very honorable and coveted award and Infinity Group fonder Graeme Holm is very proud fo this achievement. Learn more: https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/customer-experience-management-award-2018-winner/

Holm states that he founded the company is 2013 with the hope of educating Australians on how to correctly handle their finances so that they could reduce their debt, pay off their homes, and maybe even plan for retirement and/or begin investing.

Holm states that when Infinity Group gives out a home loan, they also set their client up with a financial coach, who will come up with a strategy to pay off the loan and also reduce any other debt the client has. They will even go as far as to budge for the week so that the client knows how much they should be spending during that time and how much of their household income should be going towards debt reduction. Infinity Group has had enormous success with their business strategy, with most of their clients making large, steady payments towards their home loans so that they can finally own said home.

Holm states that the client’s goals are also Infinity Group’s goals, which is why Infinity Group Australia reviews are so positive. Once the client has been able to reduce debt, they will be able to use their freed up capital in order to invest and put back more money into the Australian economy, creating a boost that will be appreciated by everyone, not just the client or Infinity gRoup. This is one of the aspects that got Infinity Group noticed by the AFR in the first place. Holm also states that one of the main reasons why Australians struggle to get out of debt is the lack of support from other financial institutions. Banks do not care whether they will get their entirety to of their money back. They only care that the client makes payments on time and that they pay interest. Holm considered a losing situation, which is why at Infinity Group, the client pays back their loan in record time.