Jeff Yastine Advises Investors Not to Overlook Cyber Security Industry for Investment

Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 and is also the editor of the ‘Total Wealth Insider’. He has been a financial journalist for nearly two decades and has great insight into the stock market that he shares with his readers. In the last years, he has used the medium of weekly magazines ‘Banyan Hills Sovereign Investor Daily’ and ‘Winning Investors Daily’ to share hot tips with its readers. All of his articles are easy to understand by ordinary people with little knowledge of the economic trends but would like to invest in it. Check:

In one of his recent articles, Jeff Yastine had discussed the importance of cybersecurity in today’s technological world. The recent hacking of the top financial institutions and social media accounts by hackers has led to a demand for cybersecurity services. In the past, governments have been advising the banks, insurance companies and also other financial institutions to revamp their old security systems to ensure that the customer’s information is safe by all means. But, today it is not just the financial institutions that are under threat. Even large companies that use personal information of users for online payments are also required to encrypt their servers so that the data cannot be hacked and used for illegal activities. It has led to companies invest more on encryption and online security products. According to Jeff Yastine, the demand for cybersecurity products is set to increase even further. Thus, investors should not shy away from investing in the cybersecurity industry that is expected to grow by tenfold in the coming years. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

Jeff Yastine went to the University of Florida where he studied Journalism. Soon after graduating, he joined a local television reporter to gain experience. Soon, he was approached by the PBS to become an anchor with the Nightly Business Report in 1993. The show was one of the most-watched commercial broadcasts across the globe and had about a million viewers per show. During that time, he had the opportunity to interview some of the top people in the financial industry, and he too learned a lot from them. Visit the website to learn more.




Ian King: Frustrated By Unicorns? Rejoice In Cryptocorns!

Ian King is a cryptocurrency investor and expert who has written extensively about cryptocurrencies. He has also written about a phenomenon that he calls the cryptocorn.

Ian King made up the term. However, he drew inspiration from a term that is well known in the world of investing. This term is the unicorn. A unicorn is a company that started out small but reached the one billion dollar mark very quickly. There have been many companies like this. Of course, Facebook and Uber will come to mind when you mention unicorns. However, there has always been a problem with these companies as they relate to the average investor out there.

You see, most investors did not get a chance to invest in Facebook when it was first started. Only people who had inside access to what was going on on Wall Street were able to invest. Only people with big accounts and hedge funds had this opportunity. By the time it was possible for the average investor to invest in Facebook, most of the money that could have been made from it was gone. Read more at about Ian King

However, with cryptocurrencies, it is the opposite. ICOs give everyone the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies. The biggest currency is Bitcoin. However, there are new companies and currencies that are being started every day. There is no doubt that some of them will become very big very soon. Ian King says that these are going to be called the cryptocorns. Both Wall Street banks and the average Joe on the street have the same access to these Initial Coin Offerings. They are way more accessible than companies such as Facebook or Uber were.

Bitcoin has gone up by well over one thousand percent last year. Although it has gone down, Ian King says that every drop is always followed by a new price peak. That is why you should invest in Bitcoin. Ian King says that many new companies will likely become very valuable, and if you do your research and invest in the right ones, you have a good chance of becoming very wealthy. There is no other way to describe this other than a miracle. If you have been frustrated by your lack of access to unicorns, rejoice in your easy access to crypotcorns.

Ian King lives in Delray Beach and writes for Banyan Hill PUblishing as their expert on cryptocurrencies. Learn more:


What Professional Investor Paul Mampilly Thinks Of Apple’s Stock

After having worked on Wall Street for almost 20 years Paul Mampilly decided he had enough of it. Being a trader or hedge fund manager on Wall Street, like he was, means extremely long days with not enough time to spend with your family. He was very successful at the positions he held but he decided he had made enough money there and it didn’t sit well with him that his investing knowledge was just being used to make the wealthy wealthier. View Paul Mampilly’s profiles at Linkedin.

Before leaving Wall Street he had thought about writing financial newsletters to help regular folk make money and growing their assets. He started out in October 2011 writing for Common Sense Publishing. He made investment recommendations for his subscribers in such areas as dividend growth stocks, bonds, value stocks, and options. In March 2014 he joined Agora Financial in Durham, North Carolina. At this firm he was an analyst, editor, and writer. His main publication was FDA Trader which was focused on making money in the life sciences and biotechnology. Some of the stocks he recommended to investors had amazing returns, like Anthera Pharmaceuticals which gained 412%.

Today, Paul Mampilly’s investing tips can be found in publications put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. His first monthly publication with this company was Profits Unlimited. He researches companies and finds low-risk company stocks which are poised for explosive growth. True Momentum is another one he edits which shows subscribers how to make returns of 100% while taking moderate risk. The newest publication is Extreme Fortunes where Paul Mampilly lets readers in on his research which shows that 43 stocks rally 1000% every year and which company is next to experience this amazing growth.

In a recent article, Paul Mampilly made the case that Apple is doomed. He wrote that their stock has now peaked and is on the precipice of a fall. He said the main driver of the growth of their stock in recent years has been Warren Buffett buying up more than $20 billion in Apple shares. However, Apple is now a stagnating firm which hasn’t made any real advances since Steve Jobs passed away.

He says that people buying Apple’s stock are buying a memory of what this company once was. They used to be a revolutionary company which had many devices which changed the world. However, long gone are the days of another iPod, iPhone, or Ipad. With Steve Jobs dying in 2011 he’s staying away from their stock going forward. See more:


How Ted Bauman Started a Career in Finance

There are some people who are born to make an impact in the society. Ted Bauman is one of these people. Bauman was born decades ago in the US. He, however, migrated and settled in South Africa in the 1980s, looking for a better future. At the time of the relocation, the businessman was still young, and he had not yet completed his studies. When he arrived in the country, the businessman could not start to work before he completed his studies. This is why he joined a local university for a degree in economy. By the time he was ready to work, the businessman had enough skills in finance, and he wanted to assist the people in his new country.

See the complete profile on LinkedIn

Although Ted Bauman graduated at the university with a degree in Finance, he did not have the opportunity to practice his career. The businessman wanted to take part in community initiatives that could assist the people living in South Africa. Ted Bauman joined people who have similar ideas, and they formed an institution that assisted in the construction of affordable housing. By taking part in the community projects, the businessman acquired a lot of skills in international migration issues, low investment strategies and several other problems that affect the ordinary investors. Ted Bauman worked as a consultant in several companies while living in South Africa too. The opportunity helped him to travel to various parts of Africa and also Asia where he increased his knowledge in political and economic dynamics.

After spending so many years away from home, Ted Bauman felt that it was time to go to the United States and make an impact too. The businessman was fortunate to get employment with one of the leading publication companies, and this is where he has been working up to date. Ted Bauman has invented three newsletters that have managed to capture the attention of the people living in the United States. The newsletter speaks about the immigration issues people in the country are facing, and they also teach people to deal with the numerous regulations that are brought by the government. Ted Bauman has already been declared one of the leading finance executives, and this means that the American investors trust his investment tips. Ted Bauman has a lot of skills concerning the American tax laws, and he has shared his thoughts concerning the department in the past. His success story has been shared so many times. Read:

Ian King: Venture Capital In Digital Assests

Investment has long been seen as an avenue to long-term financial prosperity. Venture capital is the act of investing in early-stage companies and is known to produce significant returns in comparison to typical stock and options trading. In the world of venture capital startups which have a valuation that exceeds $1 billion have been described as unicorns. They were described as such due to their rarity, however, with the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, they are becoming more and more common. Banyan Hill publishing company recently hired Ian King cryptocurrency trading expert in order to help publish a column on cryptocurrency trading advice.

In the past investors in the so-called unicorns of the industry were typically limited to venture capitalist and high net worth individuals. Ian King describes the rise in prominence of cryptocurrency assets is a proliferation of new investment opportunities. These digital assets which represent an alternative form of currency have seen incredible returns over the last year. As of now, the most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. However, there are over 1000 other blockchain technology applications. These technologies have seen gains in excess of 10,000% during the last year. Read more at about Ian King Banyan

Blockchain technologies are currently being developed to help identify and solve significant issues found in the real world. Now there is much speculation as investors are trying to find the next prominent cryptocurrency causing substantial spikes and valuations of these digital assets. Ian King has said that there are more than 40 projects based on the blockchain technology which have a combined value of greater than $1 billion. In 2014 there were only 60 alternatives to Bitcoin. Now there are more than 1400 representing a 25,000% increase in just the last year. Their total value grew from only $2 billion to over $500 billion in 2017.

Ian King Banyan has stated that there are many similarities between the current financial mania surrounding cryptocurrencies and the one that occurred in the late 1990s around Internet technology companies known as the dotcom bubble. There is excellent potential in this new industry for investors to generate massive returns and as the popularity of blockchain technologies continues to increase the frenzy surrounding the investment opportunities is only growing. Ian King planned for launch a new crypto trading course for Banyan Hill publishing companies readers and 2018 with hopes to help educate everyday investors on just how to take advantage of this exciting new world of opportunities. Read:


Investment and Banking Advice From Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a re-known Brazilian investor and a former banker. He has much expertise in the stock market, commodity and foreign exchange investment. Having managed most of the biggest banks In Brazil, Igor has risen to prominence as one of the country’s top bankers. He is a part-time consultant in banking and investment.

The following are some of the several tips on investment from Cornelsen. First, investment ought to start as soon as possible. Hence, the earlier you engage in investment, the more time you have to make profits. Secondly, long term investment is the most appropriate. As you plan to invest, strategize on years and not days nor months. Third, investment is a risky process and one should diversify. Igor says that diversification is important because if one of the investment makes losses, then you can always compensate with the profits from the alternative investments. Igor advises that one can engage in an investment he is familiar with to reduce risks. Finally, the best tip from Igor is getting an advisor who will add more Intel on the kind of investment you are making. The advisor will help secure your finances by giving you Intel on how your investment can thrive in a competitive environment. View Related Info Here.

Igor Cornelsen uses social media platforms to offer insights on investments. For instance, he is quoted advising investors to invest in countries like China that has a growing economy. In Facebook, he uses the username ‘Igor Cornelsen’ and has many followers.

There are several advantages of investing as put forward by Igor. He says that the main benefit of investment is that it’s a prudent future security strategy, and investment will always appreciate in value. Finally, Igor says that money invested generates more money for the investor without much work and worries.

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AIA Appoints Top Architect And Media Man To Its Top Post

The American Institute of Architects is the leading organization of architects in the United States. It has worked towards the development and a greater public awareness of the architectural profession. In the process it has also enhanced the welfare of its members and the general public. Robert Ivy, as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the AIA, has been using his education, skills, talents and experience towards these goals. Being an AIA fellow, he was appointed to this position on Feb. 1, 2011. He has been serving in this capacity up to this day.
The AIA, according to George H. Miller, its 2010 president, is happy to appoint Ivy as its EVP/CEO. He welcomed Ivy to the AIA fold and praised him saying that he possesses the combination of corporate leadership talents and comprehensive industry experience that will work to the benefit of the AIA Board. He then added that these qualities of Ivy will improve the AIA, perhaps referring to the ways the organization will be able to use his abilities to achieve its goals.
As an architect, Ivy’s skills and talents have been recognized by his peers. He was awarded the distinction of Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, an architecture fraternity. The distinction was given to Ivy in recognition of the contributions he made in disseminating the value of design to future generations. Ivy was also a recipient of the Crane Award. The American Business Media gave this award to Ivy in 2009 for his work in promoting good quality business media.

If Ivy’s personal and business activities are to be considered, one can readily see why he was accorded these distinctions. He applied his education as an architect as one of the principals of Dean/Dale where he functioned as a managing partner. After that he worked as a top executive in a number of corporations in the country. Apart from being an accomplished architect, Ivy is also a high quality print media practitioner. He worked as a writer and editor in many architectural journals and publications. He is the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction. This is a large architectural publishing house with a large editorial staff. His task is to manage this family publication and oversee its operations. 
In his position as AIA EVP/CEO, Ivy will manage the organization’s Washington, D.C. office. He will oversee the work of the organization’s 206 employees and manage its huge $56 million annual budget. He will be instrumental in AIA’s organizational focus emphasizing the design and practice of architecture. Ivy is a native of Columbus, Mississippi. He earned his degree in Architecture in Sewanee University and his master’s degree in Tulane University. He is now living in Washington, D.C.

Jeff Yastine Names the Three Companies Amazon Should Keep Its eyes On

Amazon is currently dominating the e-commerce market. So much so it makes it tough for investors to find a competitor with any substantial potential. Luckily there is a new batch of companies ready to compete springing up. According to Jeff Yastine, Editorial Director at Banyan Hill, there are a few companies in particular that are worthwhile for investors.

Last year he published an article praising a Brazilian airplane manufacturer for its acquisition of valuable manufacturing contracts with civilian and military organizations. Around the same time he was strongly urging investors to consider the many positives of investing in mergers and acquisitions. The airplane manufacturer’s stock increased by 30 percent because of rumors of an acquisition deal involving Boeing. Many investors think it’s just a matter of time before the manufacturer is bought out by Boeing. Though this merger and acquisition deal is the most popular right now there are many others on the horizon.

Jeff Yastine thinks the best way retail companies can compete with the powerhouse of Amazon by joining forces with one another. For example, the prospect of Google teaming up with eBay is a strong possibility as the tech company could gain ground a lot faster by partnering with an established retail arm.

Kroger also has a dog in this fight. Kroger has been on a bit of a downturn lately but Jeff believes it’s nothing to worry about. He believes the company’s new cashier free technology will make it another strong competitor next to Amazon. This will cut back on a lot of costs as manpower needed will be greatly reduced.

Jeff Yastine took a lot of heat for naming Grainger as a serious competitor but he names a key reason why his suggestion isn’t so nonsensical. Grainger has a large network of distribution centers and warehouses. This makes it a company with many valid assets to compete with Amazon.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a stock market guru. He has been making a career following the stock market for more than 20 years. He has had many articles published where he shares his expert analysis of the stock market with anyone willing to listen. His opinions and prediction are respected by many successful investors.

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Igor Cornelsen Cuts to the Chase About Investing in Latin America

The investment game has changed a lot over the years. No one industry or stock is going to be enough for investors. This is not the way that it works. People that are investing are certainly going to need to know how they can build up their investments. It all comes down to getting knowledge on what it takes to invest in a market where the currency rates are different. It also means that people must take the time to get to know the natives. Read this article at to know more.

In addition to this there needs to be a reasonable amount of patience for the regulations that can hinder or prolong some investment activities. These are the three things that Igor Cornelsen has made people aware of as someone that knows a lot about foreign investing.

Igor can talk about these things with a great amount of confidence because he knows how the investment world functions. He knows that there are so many possibilities for people to engage in when it comes to investments like index funds for places like Brazil. The reality, however, is that no investor is going to be able to transition into Brazilian market without acquiring the knowledge that it takes to know what is happening with the economy.

Economic conditions and the natives that are spending their money will affect your rate of return. The same can be said for the regulations that are part of the Brazilian economy. If you don’t know about these things you do not know what you need to invest in. Igor Cornelsen warns people to avoid overlooking this knowledge. As easy as it may seem to neglect this it is a sure-fire way to lose money quickly.

Igor can tell people about these things and speak with confidence because he has lived in Brazil for a considerable amount of time. He has transitioned back into America, but if there is anyone that knows about what it takes to invest outside of America it is Igor Cornelsen. He has been there and done that on many occasions, and he wants to help others do the same.

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