CTRMA – Providing The Cutting Edge Mobility Solutions

Mike Heiligenstein is the head of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. It is an agency for transportation. Mr. Mile has been in the Mobility Authority since the year 2003.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein has seen the development from a new transportation company to a full-fledged leader in the operations of the road.

The agency created its toll road and also enhanced its power by using the advanced technologies like electronic tolling and video billing. Mr. Mike facilitates facilities such as pedestrian and bicycle and has provided them wherever possible.

The Mobility Authority has got a $1 billion program to expand the toll road and also finish the 6.2 mile Manor Expressway. He used the advance Express lanes on the Expressway and took care of the Austin population.

Mike always concentrated on projects involving the infrastructure. There were many projects for transportation and also the creation of the Brushy Creek local trail. Mr. Mike has been a member of the Austin-San Antonio corridor council. He is the member of the Envision Central Texas project.

Mike has done his graduation from Texas University and has got various degrees like Masters of Business Administration, Masters of government. It was on Sept 3rd in an editorial that the statesman of America gave an argument about the blockage of traffic that will enhance in Austin. Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority: https://twitter.com/mheiligenstein

There was a requirement from the community to have a tech alternative to solve it. A special appreciation to the Statesman for identifying this significant problem. We require several resources to look after our traffic issues.

We are present to develop the mobility alternatives. We have created the toll road in Cedar Park, and those have converted those communities completely. We have constructed the U.S 290 toll road between Manor and Austin.

This has enhanced the volume of the drive and also led to an improvement of the lanes that used to be there. We are not a private firm, and we are a local agency created by the people.

The primary purpose of our mission is to do the innovations. The new Express lanes make utilization of advanced technologies to assist in the flow of traffic. The different rates of tolling will ease the demand and supply to ensure there is consistent traffic flow. We want to ensure the Express Lane keeps on moving.

We are highly devoted to the baking technology alternatives for our projects in the time to come to make some good roads. There will be the use of fiber lines in the 183 South project.

We are in active partnership with Metropolia to develop a mobile traffic app that is blended with our traffic monitoring system to give different routes passengers.