Rocketship Education Believes In Taking Action To Build Quality Education For All Students

Rocketship Education has been making great progress with their schooling system throughout California, which has gained a great deal of traction over the years, opening new schools every year. As of late, there are plans in the works to even open up new schools in states around the country. What makes Rocketship Education public charter schools special is the quality of education they provide students, regardless of the community they are in or come from. It is Rocketship’s philosophy that every child’s education is important, not just those from privileged communities. Not only this, but they have proved all students are capable of great learning and improving beyond a single grade level in one year.

Students from Rocketship Education have consistently scored high in their subjects, especially math and reading. When it comes to Rocketship Education’s management, action speaks much louder than words. Which is why they do what is needed rather than just saying what they want to do. According to Rocketship’s leadership, if they can’t comfortable sending their own children there for a quality education, how could they recommend any other parents send their children there for their learning. This is a tough subject when it comes to all industries in terms of quality, but it is one that ROcketship doesn’t shy away from.

Rocketship Education has more than 25 thousand students each year attending their schools and improving their learning experience, most of which come from low-income communities. Rocketship will not deny any students for their backgrounds or financial situations, which makes Rocketship a highly diverse schooling system. Parents are also an important part of the Rocketship Education system, and they advocate for all parents to take a stronger part in the child’s learning, in or out of Rocketship schools. Rocketship is regularly helping parents gain the knowledge and voice they need to help their children reach the highest of their potential.