Brian Torchin and Healthcare Wisdom

Brian Torchin is a recruiting and staffing professional who is located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region right now. He’s the President and Chief Executive Officer of a renowned company that’s called HCRC Staffing. The number one aim at HCRC Staffing is to assist legal practices and healthcare clinics with all of their staffing requirements. HCRC Staffing assists clients who wish to locate workers in the first place. It assists those who wish to maintain exemplary employees as well. The team at HCRC Staffing knows how to search for top-notch chiropractors, nurse practitioners, dentists, physical therapists, physicians, physician assistants, receptionists, office managers and more. HCRC’s legal field recruitment knowledge is just as strong. The crew knows how to search for fine legal administrators, paralegals, lawyers and legal secretaries. Visit for more info.

Brian Torchin has been an integral part of the HCRC team since the winter of 2007. He’s served as its talented and driven Chief Executive Officer ever since that time. Torchin is a hard worker who knows all about the sizable recruitment world. He, at the same time, is also an individual who has a strong grasp of healthcare. He went to New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York between the years of 1992 and 1995. He has a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree from the school. Torchin also went to the University of Delaware located in Newark, Delaware. He secured a BS (Bachelor of Science) degree in the subject of exercise science. He, because of that, has lots of knowledge that involves healthcare and wellness. He knows how to help individuals who need to recover from serious athletic injuries. He knows how to help individuals who suffer from intense chronic back pains as well.

Torchin is a committed team player who is proud of all the knowledge he has to offer. He brings many assets to HCRC Staffing on a daily basis. He can assist individuals who need guidance that relates to temporary placements, management consulting, permanent placements, physician relations, sales and online recruiting. He can aid people who need information that involves internal medicine, pain management and orthopedics, too.

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