Jeff Yastine Names the Three Companies Amazon Should Keep Its eyes On

Amazon is currently dominating the e-commerce market. So much so it makes it tough for investors to find a competitor with any substantial potential. Luckily there is a new batch of companies ready to compete springing up. According to Jeff Yastine, Editorial Director at Banyan Hill, there are a few companies in particular that are worthwhile for investors.

Last year he published an article praising a Brazilian airplane manufacturer for its acquisition of valuable manufacturing contracts with civilian and military organizations. Around the same time he was strongly urging investors to consider the many positives of investing in mergers and acquisitions. The airplane manufacturer’s stock increased by 30 percent because of rumors of an acquisition deal involving Boeing. Many investors think it’s just a matter of time before the manufacturer is bought out by Boeing. Though this merger and acquisition deal is the most popular right now there are many others on the horizon.

Jeff Yastine thinks the best way retail companies can compete with the powerhouse of Amazon by joining forces with one another. For example, the prospect of Google teaming up with eBay is a strong possibility as the tech company could gain ground a lot faster by partnering with an established retail arm.

Kroger also has a dog in this fight. Kroger has been on a bit of a downturn lately but Jeff believes it’s nothing to worry about. He believes the company’s new cashier free technology will make it another strong competitor next to Amazon. This will cut back on a lot of costs as manpower needed will be greatly reduced.

Jeff Yastine took a lot of heat for naming Grainger as a serious competitor but he names a key reason why his suggestion isn’t so nonsensical. Grainger has a large network of distribution centers and warehouses. This makes it a company with many valid assets to compete with Amazon.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a stock market guru. He has been making a career following the stock market for more than 20 years. He has had many articles published where he shares his expert analysis of the stock market with anyone willing to listen. His opinions and prediction are respected by many successful investors.

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