The Success of Matt Badiali

The booming oil business is taking the world trade market by storm. Various trading partners are jetting into different investment opportunities grabbing every available chance on the natural resource investment. The most substantial trading opportunities in the mining sector call for active and full-time participation in the approach of various mining techniques. To sail together with other investors and strategists on the natural resource investment, is the phenomenal individual, Matt Badiali. He is a renowned individual with a broad array of experience and unique knowledge in the mining sector. His sufficient intelligence on the industry has earned him an opportunity to dine and have a word on various investment opportunities with the world’s best investors across multiple continents. Matt has travelled and continues to build ties with diverse natural resource individuals from around the world. His expertise in the sector has seen him explore the high limits of his capabilities in the natural resource and agricultural areas. Matt has established various mining business across multiple countries such as Switzerland, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Turkey. As a natural resource expert, Matt Badiali has worked as Senior Editor at Banyan Hill. Matt has toured the world meeting various successful natural resource investors and interrogating them on their secrets to a successful investment journey.

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The thrilling stories from Matt Badiali are worthy every upcoming investor. The geological data analysis reveals the high demand for the natural resource. The demand from the countries abroad is rising, and there is need to improve on the refinery process of the natural oils. As a veteran of the natural resource industry as well as an Editor to the Real Wealth Strategists, Matt Badiali has been able to research on the viable mining sites in the world. His success came about as a result of his exceptional educational and professional background. Matt Badiali obtained his Degree in Earth Science from the Penn State University. He also went ahead and got his Master’s Degree from the Florida Atlantic University. His superb knowledge of natural resource investment earned him an opportunity to work at Banyan Hill. He has also worked as an environmental advisor to various organizations. He strives to realize healthful working conditions by the mining crew which will ultimately result in the best mining practices. He goes on to educate individuals and companies on the best strategies for natural resource management. He equips himself with cutting-edge technology techniques that yield the best mining and oil extraction.

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Alexandra Gama and Advertising Proficiency

Alexandra Gama is a famed executive who works in the advertising field. He’s an entrepreneur who comes from Brazil in South America. He was born in Rio de Janeiro in June of 1958. He’s a businessman who has a solid imagination. He makes use of his imagination in the advertising and communication fields frequently. He’s part of Neogama. This is among the largest advertising firms in the entirety of Brazil. Alexandre Gama is the CCO (Chief Compliance Officer), CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder of Neogama.

He studied at FAAP (Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation). He earned a communications and advertising degree there. He employs the knowledge that he got from FAAP any time he thinks about critical components that relate to his position. Gama started working in the advertising industry in the beginning of the eighties. This was in 1982. He earned a job with Ogilvy & Mather. He was a copywriter and creative expert for the celebrated firm. Gama, after that period, worked for a company called Young & Rubicam. He stayed with the firm for a while and made the decision to say goodbye to it in 1999. That’s exactly when he created Neogama. The rest is history.

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Samuel Strauch and his Thoughts about Bitcoin and the Real Estate Industry

Samuel Strauch, the founder and principal of Metrik – a real estate firm, opened his mind about real estate industry, changing prospects of bitcoin, and the plans of his company. He says that the world is changing very quickly, and that boosts him into look into new areas of business. Strauch already confirmed that his company has laid out plans to work in the hospitality sector as well, considering the changing prospects of people, especially on investment type real estate choices. Additionally, he thinks that technology is shaping the industry in a larger way like any other industry. Samuel Strauch is highly positive about those changes and thinks that better strategy would yield from such changes. Learn more Samuel Strauch interviews on

He recently expressed his opinion that bitcoin is expected to sweep the real estate industry in the coming years. Miami real estate has already embraced bitcoin, and the professionals in the real estate of Miami already found the advantages of using bitcoin in larger transactions. While coming to real estate transactions through banks, most U.S. banks charge nearly $4,000 for a $100,000 deal, and when the deal amount goes up, transaction fee also shoots up. When it comes to bitcoin, the fee is very minimal, and many millions can be transacted with a processing fee less than $10. As a decentralized currency, bitcoin does not need any central servers for the transaction.

As a Miami realtor, Samuel Strauch sees greater opportunities with bitcoin in the industry with its ideal positioning. He says that people who plan to buy properties with bitcoin should go through regular title procedure. The buyer has to maintain an escrow account, and once the transaction is completed, the buyer transfers the rest of the payment in the form of bitcoin to the seller or title company. Samuel Strauch also says that realtors would use blockchain technology in future to reduce the closing process and real estate transaction time, drastically.

Samuel Strauch completed his education from Erasmus University, Hofstra University, and Harvard. He started his career in the banking industry and later switched into real estate as his family was involved in real estate business in South Florida. After working close to 15 years in the industry as a real estate agent, he established Metrik Real Estate with a focus on comprehensive real estate solutions to the buyers and sellers. Interestingly, Samuel Strauch currently holds real estate broker license in Latin America as well and expanded his business to South American countries. Read more:


Sawyer Howitt tells young entrepreneurs to get out there

Networking could have something to do with computers, although it means something entirely different to business people. For business people, it involves building connections and meeting people. In some cases, this involves finding people who an entrepreneur can use. Business people who have practiced their craft for a long time have already built these networks, and they continue to add new connections to them. Younger people who are just finding their way into the business world may not have had the opportunity to do so. Sawyer Howitt recommends getting out there and starting to develop these networks now. Like a person’s racquetball game or golf swing, Howitt recommends building and updating these networks as much as possible.

There are a number of events and ways a young businessman or someone just starting out in the business worlds can build up his networks. Mentoring is a good start to find contacts already in the business. Going out to events or even joining a group like the Masons or a similar fraternal organization can provide someone with a ready-made group of contacts. However, for business purposes, some contacts are more useful than others. A good entrepreneur should have good people skills. He can use these people skills to get to know people and their talents.

Getting to know a person’s talents, interests and other methods is as useful for building friendships as it is for making friends. The process of networking can help a young entrepreneur do both. Sometimes a person can be both a contact and a friend. These relationships should be cultivated and developed as well. They can be mutually beneficial as well as personally rewarding. Sometimes these friendships can last for a rest of a person’s life. When it comes to business relationships, however, an individual does not have to like a person in order todo business with them.

The best thing a young entrepreneur can do to build these networks is get out there. Social networks like Linkedin can only go so far. People need to meet each other face to face to build these networks up.

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Customized and Personalized Services With Richard Blair

When people look for financial assistance and advice, one thing that they themselves need to understand is that each financial situation is unique. Therefore, it needs to be treated as its own unique issue. Richard Blair understands that. As a matter of fact, he understands it better than the clients that come to see him. Therefore, he makes sure that he approaches the client by getting to know the client first. One thing he knows is that the wrong piece of advice is going to send the client into a worse position than he was before he went to get financial advice. Learn more:


One thing that Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions does is work with the client to come up with a plan that involves financial goals. The way this is accomplished is by looking at the income and the expenses of the client. They then determine which of these expenses are needed and which of them are luxury. When it comes to saving money for a comfortable retirement, the whole point is to cut down on excess luxury if it depends on the current income status. However, there are many other approaches that could work when it comes to making and saving money for the individual.Learn more:

One approach that Richard Blair discusses with his clients is looking for alternative sources of income. Often times, one can find a way to make supplementary income so that he can be more comfortable in his living condition. Among the methods that Richard Blair discusses with his clients is investing. There are many different methods for investing. One thing about investing is that the more riskier methods are going to be the higher earning methods. However, one of the best pieces of advice that one can get when it comes to investing is to not invest more than one can afford.


Richard Blair has an understanding of finances that could open the minds of his clients. This also gives his clients an extra bit of hope when it comes to their financial circumstances. Richard Blair makes sure that the solutions he offers his clients is something that is suited to their circumstances. Learn more:


Julia Jackson: Millenial Wine Enthusiast

Founded by Jess Jackson in 1983, Jackson Family Wineries has become well-known for its artisinal wines, including La Crema and Freemark Abbey. What started as an 80-acre orchard has now become a billion dollar business with wineries located in five different continents. Though Mr. Jackson passed away in 2011, his family continues to expand his legacy. One who truly stands out from the rest is his youngest daughter and the company’s main proprietor, Julia Jackson. Visit Sfluxe to know more about Julia.

As a child, Jackson spent much of her time picking grapes at her family’s vineyards, as her father made it a point to impress the value of hard work on his children. While working, Jackson became best friends with the daughter of a fellow winemaker, who spoke fluent French. This friendship sparked her interest in French culture and led to not only an influential summer in Bordeaux but also a French teaching position during her time at college. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Scripps College in 2010, Jackson then went on to obtain a Certificate in General Management from the Stanford graduate school of Business. It is now Jackson’s main responsibility to expand her family’s business further around the globe and to introduce their products to a whole new generation. When it comes to her preferences and recommendations, Jackson firmly believes that Sonoma County is still the best place on Earth to find a great Cabernet.

When not involved in her family’s winery, Jackson serves as the spokeswoman for the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program, a non-profit institution she founded in 2014 alongside her sister, Katherine. Since its beginning, the organization as donated $100,000 every year to programs that are dedicated to empowering and honoring women who work towards making a difference in their communities.


Jose Neto of JHSF Is a Real Estate Mogul who Pioneers the Brazilian Industry

When it comes to securing commercial properties in Brazil, Jose Neto of JHSF has mastered the art of providing what the client demands. The real estate mogul is a friendly entrepreneur who has developed supportive working rapports with the people of Brazil to the extent of landing extensive customer base. JHSF is a leading real estate company geographically located in Brazil. Jose Borghi managed the company. It has a broad base of acquisitions, development of properties, shopping centers as well as airports. Since its establishment in 1972, JHSF has capitalized on developing business relationships by identifying emerging opportunities in various sectors across different fields. The company is also a leading service provider for innovative initiatives. These efforts have been tailored to deliver sustainable property solutions to Brazilians.


JHSF has gained prominence in the market because of its numerous success stories. The company has handled various projects in Brazil. From the projects, it is correct to say that Brazil is equipped with powerful and high-end property developers. From consolidating state of the art property development in Sao Paulo, Manors as well as Salvador to developing business partnerships with high ranking individuals, JHSF is a good example of firms that have embraced portfolio diversification in business. From establishing high-end malls, airports, and shopping malls, it is undisputed that JHSF is one of the best property developers in Brazil.


Just like businesses experience hardships, JHSF experiences challenges. Through Jose Neto’s leadership, the company has been able to overcome its challenges by being persistent in proper service delivery. To ensure that there is constant development, Jose Neto has delved into hospitality. This is because hospitality has a continuous regenerative nature. JHSF is better placed to develop demanding projects across urban areas. Not only does Jose Neto participate in the leadership of the company but also the process of service delivery. He combines his passion for helping people with his commitment to remain relevant in business to help clients in achieving their dreams. For Jose Neto, the customer is king. He strives to deliver the best services and products in real estate.

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Operating Principles Set Out by Don Ressler at JustFab and His Other Businesses

All the business ventures that Don Ressler and his business partner have initiated operate successfully due to the operating principles they have in place. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg value this working formula.


Without accountability no business can do well. Ressler encourages his staff to make good decisions as though they were the owners of the business. Continual improvement of the business is also something that Resssler prioritizes. The staff members are encouraged to minimize bureaucracy and manage the client’s expectations.

Easy Going

At TechStyle like JustFab, light heart experiences are not frowned at. Team work, according to both Ressler and Goldenberg, is possible when workers avoid egos and purpose instead on cooperation and synergy on An easy going working environment is a matter of primacy for Ressler and Adam.


Innovation is a product of passion. Passionate individuals tend to give their assignments their best and almost always come up with smart initiatives at Passion that is also accompanied by professionalism is instrumental to delivery.

Hard Work

The place of hard work cannot be forgotten. Both Andy and Ressler are hardworking entrepreneurs and require the same of their staff. In order to work well staff members are encouraged to first understand how all the efforts of each of them work towards the delivery of success.

Team Work

In TechStyle like in JustFab, Team work is a big part of the success. As much as individual talent counts, collective initiative and hard work lifts the company higher and higher. Continuous learning is something that Ressler and Adam encourage. Through continuous learning individuals grow and the team also does better.

Funding for JustFab

In 2010 around mid-March, Adam and Don Ressler registered their new company: JustFab. A year later the company was $33 million richer courtesy of Matrix Partners, concerned with venture capital. Shortly after this funding, the company got additional resources from Rho Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures. Intelligent Beauty also added to JustFab’s funds. This jab in the arm enabled JustFab to establish an international presence. JustFab now has a presence in the UK, Canada and Germany.

World Publisher and Film Director- Roberto Santiago

We all have dreams and goals we desire to achieve in our lives, but few of us accomplish those dreams. To achieve the dreams, dedication determination and hard work is the way to go not forgetting that focus and the spirit of never giving up in life.

Roberto Santiago is one man who has lived to accomplish many of his dreams if not all. Born and raised in Madrid in 1968, Roberto attended school, and after his High School graduation, he joined Universidad Complutense de Madrid to study image and sound at the Faculty of Communication Science. His passion for art and wanting to achieve and do what he loved most led Roberto to study Literary Creation at the School of Letters Madrid. Read more on

Roberto Santiago is an inspiration and a role model to many who are aspiring to become an artist and even authors. He has been a television script writer, an editor for advertising agencies in Madrid, novel publisher, and a producer of more than two video clips. Mr. Roberto loves children, and most of his published books are children stories. Los Futbolisimos is one of his collections and the most popular one in the country. The book was originally written in Spanish, but in the recent years, he has translated it into other different languages to expand his fan base.

Roberto Santiago has been recognized on several occasions including being a finalist of the Prize El Barco de Vapor f or his first novel El Ladron de mentiras. He is also an Award winner including Edebe Prize for Children’s Literature with Jon and the machine of fear. Roberto Santiago is fully committed to the entertainment, media, and the art industries. He has written several films, and he is also a movie director including the longest penalty for the world which was nominated for the Goya Awards for the category of the best screenplay, at the end of the road, and the suicidal club. Roberto is not only recognized in his home country, but he has also gained recognition globally for the production of El Sueno de Ivan, the film gives a unique platform to be recognized and sponsored by UNICEF for its value for children.

Roberto Santiago does not rest until he sees the entertainment, art and the media sector transforming and advancing to higher levels. He is also involved in writing films and plays for theater. Some of his comedy writings include Women’s Happiness, Topos, the other side of the bed and many others. His books are found in bookshops and can also be purchased online all over the world. View more articles on