Bruno Fagali- Why compliance is necessary for business and better world

Compliance can be defined as acting according to directives given and in most in the form of rules, internal statements (Memos), a command, or even a simple request.

When it comes to law practice, compliance means a lot. It is an area that ensures that law is followed to the letter both in the regular space and the business world. In the former, compliance covers both business’ activities as well as the businesses themselves.

Today, compliance is of much interest in corporate leadership – directors as well as the executives. Compliance helps them detect any malpractice be it illegal conduct or any lousy practice within the business sector.

Recently, the Brazilian government enacted laws that made it mandatory for businesses to have ethics and compliance systems. Bruno Fagali, a corporate integrity manager at Agencia nova/sb and a member of Fagali Advocacia, seconded this move by the government.

Bruno Fagali mentioned that the new law would scare off companies from engaging in illegal acts such fraudulent acquisition of tenders, bribery, or joining cartels.

However, Bruno Fagali also raises another concern that it is not enough to zero-in only on companies, but the law should also cover their associates (partners) by leveraging the registration analysis. He added that the law should look into whether the partner is compliant with laws on child labor, slave labor, and safe working environment.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno is an attorney based in Brazil who specializes in ethics, compliance, the administrative and urban law as well as regulatory law. Bruno has years of experience in law practice coupled with a good reputation.

Bruno Fagali owns a law firm under the name Fagali Advocacy. He went to Pontifical Catholic University, where he obtained bachelors’ degree in Administrative law. Later, he joined the University of Sao Paulo for master’s degree.

Besides running his law firm, Bruno Fagali serves as Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/SB as we mentioned earlier.

This position has enabled him to inculcate into various businesses that he consults with the power of integrity for instance advertising agencies; he advises them to refrain from misleading the public. Bruno himself is an honorable man. His self-drive is what makes many admire him as well as his work. Check more:


Bruno Fagali: Highly Skilled Brazilian Attorney

Bruno Fagali is an attorney from Brazil. He is regarded as one of the most talented attorneys in his area of practice. If you want to learn more about this attorney, then continue to read on.

He runs his own law firm called Fagali Law Firm, which specializes in public law, compliance, anti-corruption and election. Prior to starting his own law firm in July 2016, Bruno Fagali worked as a corporate integrity manager with an advertising agency. While there, his duties included implementing and managing the agency’s Corporate Integrity Program.

Bruno Fagali worked as a lawyer for just over two years at ‘Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia,’ where he specialized in public law and litigation. Prior to working with that company, Bruno Fagali worked as an intern at a law firm. As an intern, he learnt a lot about public advisory law, including administrative law and regulatory.

Bruno Fagali is well-educated and has a State Law Master’s degree that he earned from USP. He has also took classes at the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

As you can see, Fagali is highly educated and he is a skilled attorney. It’s no secret why he is one of the most sought after attorneys in Brazil.

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