Alexandra Gama and Advertising Proficiency

Alexandra Gama is a famed executive who works in the advertising field. He’s an entrepreneur who comes from Brazil in South America. He was born in Rio de Janeiro in June of 1958. He’s a businessman who has a solid imagination. He makes use of his imagination in the advertising and communication fields frequently. He’s part of Neogama. This is among the largest advertising firms in the entirety of Brazil. Alexandre Gama is the CCO (Chief Compliance Officer), CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder of Neogama.

He studied at FAAP (Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation). He earned a communications and advertising degree there. He employs the knowledge that he got from FAAP any time he thinks about critical components that relate to his position. Gama started working in the advertising industry in the beginning of the eighties. This was in 1982. He earned a job with Ogilvy & Mather. He was a copywriter and creative expert for the celebrated firm. Gama, after that period, worked for a company called Young & Rubicam. He stayed with the firm for a while and made the decision to say goodbye to it in 1999. That’s exactly when he created Neogama. The rest is history.

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Newswatch TV’s Contour Video Review

You may have seen Contour Design’s marketing video. Perhaps you saw it online somewhere, or perhaps you saw it on television. If you were wondering how they produced such a great video, and how you can also produce such a great video for your own business, you need to look no further than Newswatch TV.

Newswatch TV was hired by Contour to help them market their new line of products. Not only did they see success, but they saw an immediate spike in sales of their Ultimate Workstation, something that they attribute to Newswatch TV one hundred percent.

The video features their Ultimate Workstation. It is beautifully designed, with a great voiceover. The video was produced in a professional manner and is extremely high quality. It shows people using the Ultimate Workstation by incorporating short shoots and images in the right parts of the video. It expertly explains the benefits of using the Ultimate Workstation in a way that entices the viewer to check it out and buy it themselves.

There are many great features of the Ultimate Workstation. The challenge would be fully explaining all of them in such a short video that is only one minute long. Newswatch TV was able to do that and much more. If you watch the video, you will notice that it was expertly produced, and that every single aspect of the video looks like it was worked on for hours.

Newswatch TV Reviews is an American television series. They air every week, and have been doing so since the 1990s. They have aired over 1,000 episodes.

They attract viewers all over the country and all over the world, and they reach over 96 million households in over 200 different markets.

Jose Neto of JHSF Is a Real Estate Mogul who Pioneers the Brazilian Industry

When it comes to securing commercial properties in Brazil, Jose Neto of JHSF has mastered the art of providing what the client demands. The real estate mogul is a friendly entrepreneur who has developed supportive working rapports with the people of Brazil to the extent of landing extensive customer base. JHSF is a leading real estate company geographically located in Brazil. Jose Borghi managed the company. It has a broad base of acquisitions, development of properties, shopping centers as well as airports. Since its establishment in 1972, JHSF has capitalized on developing business relationships by identifying emerging opportunities in various sectors across different fields. The company is also a leading service provider for innovative initiatives. These efforts have been tailored to deliver sustainable property solutions to Brazilians.


JHSF has gained prominence in the market because of its numerous success stories. The company has handled various projects in Brazil. From the projects, it is correct to say that Brazil is equipped with powerful and high-end property developers. From consolidating state of the art property development in Sao Paulo, Manors as well as Salvador to developing business partnerships with high ranking individuals, JHSF is a good example of firms that have embraced portfolio diversification in business. From establishing high-end malls, airports, and shopping malls, it is undisputed that JHSF is one of the best property developers in Brazil.


Just like businesses experience hardships, JHSF experiences challenges. Through Jose Neto’s leadership, the company has been able to overcome its challenges by being persistent in proper service delivery. To ensure that there is constant development, Jose Neto has delved into hospitality. This is because hospitality has a continuous regenerative nature. JHSF is better placed to develop demanding projects across urban areas. Not only does Jose Neto participate in the leadership of the company but also the process of service delivery. He combines his passion for helping people with his commitment to remain relevant in business to help clients in achieving their dreams. For Jose Neto, the customer is king. He strives to deliver the best services and products in real estate.

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