How Sheldon Lavin Became the Leader of the OSI Group

The OSI Group is one of the top-performing companies in America according to Forbes, but they are also a low profile company, not frequently being heard in the news but can produce more than $6 billion worth of profit in the past. The company is headed by Sheldon Lavin, serving as its chairman and CEO for decades. Under his leadership, the OSI Group became a global leader in supplying processed meat and other protein products, and he also upgraded the company’s role in acquiring smaller retail brands and other food services firms.He entered the industry more than four decades ago, and since becoming the head of the company, he developed skills and abilities that are not familiar to him before. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Before he became a part of the OSI Group, he is working as a banking executive and an investor. He also established his own financial consulting firm, providing financial assistance to businesses that are short in the capital. He is a total stranger in the food processing industry, and the reason why he accepted the challenge to serve the food industry is for him to expand his knowledge on how to manage these kinds of businesses.

He first met the owner of Otto & Sons in the 70s decade after Otto Kolschowsky asked him for financial assistance. Otto Kolschowsky’s company was selected by McDonald’s Corporation to become their official business partner, and they were tasked to deliver burger patties to all of their restaurants across the country. However, as McDonald’s Corporation expanded overseas, Otto & Sons had to catch up, but Otto Kolschowsky admitted that he does not have additional capital, and had to work with Sheldon Lavin to get additional financing. He immediately contacted his business partners and other networks and asked for financial assistance to be given to Otto & Sons. However, the bank required Otto Kolschowsky to provide Sheldon Lavin with a financial investment with company as a sort of collateral.

Otto Kolschowsky agreed to the condition, and he started working with Sheldon Lavin indirectly. Through the years, Otto & Sons have dominated the industry, eventually becoming the OSI Group. Otto Kolschowsky decided to turn over the company to Sheldon Lavin, as he and his children wanted to retire from managing the business. He accepted the offer, and he started leading the company to success. He still could not believe that the business transformed positively under his leadership, and it keeps on breaking new records and receiving more profit as they acquire more companies operating in the same industry.

What You Need to Know About GreenSky Credit

In today’s world, it is rare to find a company that innovates in big ways in the financial technology space. Most financial institutions are stodgy and slow in adopting new technology. But that’s exactly the hole in the market, and thus the opportunity that serial entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of GreenSky Credit David Malik saw.

Tech Company Over Financial Company

While FinTech is an apt description of GreenSky Credit, Zalik likes to frame his company as a technology company over everything else. And there is a very good reason for this. Unlike financial institutions, GreenSky Credit does not use their own capital when giving away loans to consumers.

Offering Options

GreenSky Credit’s users and clients are the millions of people that need to get funding for their medical, home improvement, solar, and other projects. By using GreenSky, they are able to have options by connecting with various financial loans that GreenSky finds for them in real time based on their credit. It helps that there are 12,000 merchants using the service and extending it to customers.

Mobile is the Future

One key difference between the company and others is that they realized the value of giving customers a choice to use an app on their phone. Instead of having to worry about going to an appointment in an office downtown, they can seek funding from the comfort of their own home or wherever they happen to be.

Recognition from the Community

The fintech company has invested over $7 million in their city of Atlanta. While creating 350 jobs, they have also raised another round of funding for their company of $50 million. The signs are clear. Innovating and offering more choices to consumers is paying off.

When it comes to companies today, you either innovate or disappear. It appears that Zalik and his team got the memo. Starting from humble beginnings in Atlanta, they have experienced rapid growth. From a valuation of $3 million back in 2004 to over $3 billion today, according to Forbes, the firm seeks to continue their technological empire and extend capital to even more consumers in the future.

GreenSky Credit Helps Negotiate Great Terms With Banks For Home Improvement Loans

I’m trying to get some home improvements done, so I’ve been doing a lot of research. It seems that there are a lot of home improvement loan options out there, but, the more I read, the more I love GreenSky Credit. I’ve read about the company and its founder on Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Wikipedia. There’s nothing not to like.

Great Story

First of all, GreenSky Credit was founded by a man named David Zalik. He is a math genius by all accounts. They sent him to Auburn University at the age of 14 where he was unable to graduate. Like most successful entrepreneurs, he was making too much money to continue at school. That’s because he founded a company in college that was putting together computers from scratch.

David Zalik is from Atlanta. It’s where he took out $10 million in loans to start up GreenSky Credit. It’s an unassuming company with an office that’s not that easy to find, but the financial tech company offers homeowners an incredibly easy way to secure funding for home improvements.

Easy App

The app keeps getting easier and easier to use. You simply download it onto your phone, take a picture of your license and the loan application is mostly filled out for you. And there are plenty of options when it comes to financial products through GreenSky Credit. It’s really easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

How I’m Using The App

But what I love most about the app is that it’s going to allow me to perform even more home improvements. I found the perfect loan which will allow me to spend some of my own cash on different upgrade projects. I’m going to have the home of my dreams before I ever thought possible. All I have to do is continue to pay back the incredibly affordable loan that GreenSky Credit secured for me.

As it turns out, the financial tech company doesn’t fund these loans. They take the loans to a bank which is rather brilliant. GreenSky Credit is the middleman and referee between you and the bank when it comes to getting the best home improvement loan.

Gareth Henry Contributes to the Circumstances Behind Fortress’s Rise

On a June morning in 2011, the stock market opened to a 2.4% jump in value of Fortress Investment Group’s stock. This 2.4% jump in value was the result of Credit Suisse’s decision to upgrade Fortress Investment Group’s stock from neutral to outperform.

Credit Suisse’s decision was based on in part on the satisfactory resolution of troubling issues over Fortress Investment Group’s principal compensation. Also, in part because of Fortress Investment Group planned raising of stock’s dividend, which would confer upon its investors a greater than 10% yield by 2012. In another part because Fortress Investment Group has accumulated a $3.6 billion credit with which the firm could make investment should the perfect trade opportunities abruptly come into existence, which according to many should arise from a foreseeable near-term correction in the markets.

In yet another part because of Fortress Investment Group’s position to benefit from increased market regulation and a wave of refinancing as a consequence of horrible deals made in the years between 2005 to 2007 that will be conferring upon Fortress Investment Group a legion of fantastic investment opportunities. The circumstances that brought about Fortress Investment Group’s overnight 2.4% jump in stock value was by no means overnight. Institutional Investors 2011 Hedge Fund 30 Rising Stars.

But rather, the daily hard work and best efforts of many inside the firm over an extended period of time. Gareth Henry is one such person. He is a managing director with in the firm, who has contributed considerably through his responsibilities of raising capital in various foreign markets, such as the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and of creating excellent ties to sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and insurance companies.

Gareth Henry joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2007 after working as a Strategic Solutions Director at Schroder, a money management firm. Gareth Henry is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and holds a first-class honors degree from Heriot University. Gareth Henry also has the honor of being able to make the claim that he holds membership in the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in the UK and the Fellow of Society of Actuaries in the USA

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Krishen Iyer CEO of Managed Benefits


Krishen Iyer works with Managed Benefits, otherwise known as Quicklink Marketing. It is with Managed Benefits that Krishen Iyer uses his expertise as an online marketer, technical developer and a person who gives himself totally to client relations. He lives in Fresno, California and is responsible for part of Quick Link Marketing’s rise to its recent achievements. Quick Link Marketing has taken online marketing to the next level. Krishen Iyer following his training at Quick Link Marketing, has been able to provide his clients with an effective lead-generation program fit specifically for his clients.


Work Ethic


Krishen Iyer prides himself in exercising an overcome it attitude when it comes to intellectual curiosity. Krishen is very detailed-oriented in his mindset and uses it to his advantage in speaking to clients. These same qualities carried him forward during his student years at Grossmont College as well as at San Diego University. It was there he earned a degree in public administration as well as urban development.


Daily Activities


According to Krishen, the mission of Quick Link is to establish a connection between businesses that are searching for specialized solutions with companies that can help offer them the solution they need. His daily routine usually beings with meeting the clients he needs to contact followed by working with his technical team and finally continue his marketing responsibilities. Once Krishen establishes the needs of his clients he spends the rest of the day completing those needs for his clients. One of his favorite things to do is bring to life the ideas he brainstorms with his team.


Forward-looking Attitute


Krishen doesn’t like to look back at past errors but rather like to look forward to new potential opportunities and the development of his career. Krishen recommends that anyone who thought of becoming an entrepreneur is to develop the skill of being able to communicate with others since it is both a talent that one is gifted with, but also a skill that also needs development.


Iyer is the founder and CEO of Managed Benefit Services.

Contribution of Sahm Adrangi

Speaking in a conference, a Capital Management founder Sahm Adrangi explains how they built their business around short activism. They began their research publishing in 2010 and have been operating for nine years managing around 180 million dollars. They focus mostly on United States names especially those in complex sectors. They share their research by posting on their website, twitter and sometimes doing a live presentation of one of their shorts.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi outlines that they always try to incorporate social aspects into their short activism and that is why he likes the topic of ad fraud. In most cases, they are always publishing names of stock prices that should be lower than their current trading and technology companies that use ad fraud on their platforms to benefit themselves. Ad fraud is simply the practice of representing online advertisement fraudulently to generate revenue for example through data events and clicks conversions.

Ad fraud happens in many ways. Sahm Adrangi explains that advertisement display ads could be put in a fake site that is only viewed by computers and not receiving any actual human traffic. Such an ad is only clicked by bots designed by hackers and not actual humans that could be potential customers. The hackers, therefore, end up pocketing the advertisement budget. This hurts the online advertising industry badly. Ad fraud discourages online advertisement users from spending on online ads, and therefore many genuine publishers are denied a chance for legitimate revenue.

Sahm Adrangi believes that sometimes various ad companies benefit from ad fraud and are therefore reluctant to develop ways of preventing it. Click fraud is another form of ad fraud whereby automated bots and script enter the clicks instead of real human beings clicking on the business ads. Mr. Sahm Adrangi explains further that ad fraud also encompasses fake sites with no content which attracts huge amounts of traffic and then fake ads. The ads are put up by bad actors to generate revenue through fake impressions.

More Than Construction: Aloha Construction Brings Restoration

Whether you suffer from mold, water or fire damage, Aloha Construction is the company you need to get in contact with to get back on track. They also offer affordable remodeling options to upgrade your home from concept to completion in a blink of an eye.


Who Is Aloha Construction?

Launched in March of 2008, Aloha Construction quickly became a company known for great products and services. With president Dave Farbaky at the helm, guiding the company on the right path, they have garnered an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their services include:

*Kitchen Remodeling

*Bathroom Renovations





Pride In Their Craft

They are located in Lake County Illinois and proudly serve the surrounding area. They pride themselves on doing a great job. Unlike competitors, they will never leave you unsatisfied. Maybe this is why they currently possess a grade of 4.9 with the BBB. They even offer a free property inspection at no cost to you. Feel free to contact them with any questions you have and they’ll be more than happy to answer them.


Award Winning Aloha Construction

Last year they were given the Torch Award for ethics by the BBB. This award is given to business entities that display exemplary ethics in their field.


The Philanthropy of Aloha Construction

They proudly give back to their community. They’ve recently donated a brand new truck to the American Red Cross. They know how much the American Red Cross does within the community in times of crisis. From fires, floods and other disasters they are on the front line. Helping the displaced victims with food, clothing, shelter, disaster kits and more. Last year they aiding almost 8,000 people from Chicago in one way or another.


Aloha Construction is helping to rebuild the community from the inside out. They know that when we work together we can accomplish anything.

How Guilherme Paulus Became One Of The Best Businessmen In Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian born entrepreneur that has founded several highly successful businesses. He founded his first business in 1972 with a politician named Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. His business partner left the Venture only four years after its creation. The politician sold his shares in the company to Guilherme Paulus and left him to run the company all on his own. Although he faced many obstacles, he managed to lead the company to a tremendous success. The name of this company is the CVC travel agency. It is now known as the largest Tourist operator in all of Latin America. See more of Guilherme Paulus on facebook.

Guilherme Paulus felt that he can still take this company to greater heights of success with the support of a global investment. In 2009, he decided to sell 63.6% of the company to the global investment firm, the Carlyle Group. Guilherme Paulus has managed to remain a third owner of the company. The CVC travel agency is now able to generate an annual revenue of 5.2 billion. The company put up its capital on Stock Exchange in 2013.

Guilherme has been able to found one of the largest national hotel chains that specializes in leisure tourism and events. The name of this company is the GJP network. It is a network of hotels and resorts all over the country of Brazil. The company began with only one establishment, and it now has control of 19 hotels and resorts in the country of Brazil. It is currently looking to build and acquire more hotels and resorts near airports in Brazil.

In 2006, he acquired the small airline named Webjet. This tiny airline had only one aircraft in its fleet at the time of its acquisition. Guilherme Paulus was able to transform this airline into the third largest airline that operates in Brazil. He sold the company to gol in 2011.

The Brazilian entrepreneur credits the success of his multiple business endeavors to the constant implementation of excellent customer service. For him, the secret to success is to love the customer. The customer is the coffee, the lunch, the dinner and the gas.



The Team behind the Success Story of GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Credit is a financial technology company that has been offering credit options to the residents of Atlanta, Georgia, and other surrounding regions. The company uses a credit program where buyers can easily access goods and multiple services through credit. The merchants will offer products and services demanded by a consumer while a federal-insured bank will be paying on behalf of the company. This is the cheapest alternative for individuals who want to access small amounts of money for home improvement services and other needs.

  • The Founder

David Zalik is the face behind GreenSky credit, and he has been at the helm of the company that he founded back in 2006. However, the serial entrepreneur took the bold step of selling the company to shareholders through the Initial Public Offer in a bid to attract fund for development of the company with the specific intention of expanding the services of the entity to other parts of the country. Zalik is a renowned entrepreneur who formed his first business while he was just fourteen and his knowledge in the industry has grown since then. He is a recipient of the 2016 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur on the year after excellent services in the field of finance.

  • Vice Chairman

The current Vice Chairman who doubles as the Chief Administrative Officer of GreenSky credit is Gerry Benjamin. He has extensive financial knowledge after working in other organizations while explicitly holding influential positions such as corporate finance advisory, principal investing, and investment banking among others. On the other hand, Tim Kaliban works as the president of the organization while at the time holding the influential position of Chief Risk Officer. He has more than thirty years of experience in the corporate world and is highly experienced in compliance, product development, and lending management.

These are the team members who hold much responsibility in the journey of ensuring that GreenSky Credit achieves its vision. However, other team players work on a daily basis to help the executive group to steer the company in the right direction. Moreover, the members of the public are critical to the operations of the company because it is a public trading company hence answerable to shareholders.


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