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Many people have been looking at Dick DeVos lately after his appointment to the new Management Advisory Council in September 2017. The council is a civilian board that will advise the Federal Aviation Administration on a number of topics. The group includes experienced transportation officials, seasoned business owners, and former airline executives. DeVos has a blend of business skills as well as a passion for aviation that has carried over to this day.


While DeVos has not had political aspirations since 2006, the new appointment was commended by those from the political and aviation world. Formerly the CEO of Amway and currently the CEO of The Windquest Group, many people do not realize that Dick DeVos has been one of the largest contributors to America’s education system, cultural arts, aviation industry, and much more.


DeVos started off in the 1990s as a business leader who wanted to do something more for his community. However, he went about it in a way that attracted people to him. As he had all the resources to make changes himself, he still formed a committee for city planning with other business leaders in the area. The group was called Grand Action.


Grand Action was responsible for a lot of the growth in downtown. However, DeVos also had his sites set on the airport. He wanted to make sure that Grand Rapids would become a business traveler’s paradise location. He started to work with the re-launch in 1999. He worked with Air Tran Airways to add new flights to the terminals.


When Southwest took over, DeVos was back on the phone, helping the airport keep all of its terminals even as Southwest wanted to take over all locations and terminals due to its take over of Air Tran.


Most people also don’t realize that Dick DeVos has founded a school in aviation. There are no other schools exactly like this one, but there are those who calm close. Education is part of DeVos’ thing, but it doesn’t help him when thinking about airport policy. He has his work cut out for him, however.


The council will meet every quarter to discuss policies, regulations, future growth, and budgets. While the council doesn’t meet as much as others, the function is to advise the FAA on what would be best, coming from the experts. This follows an initiative set forth by President Trump to clean up the aviation industry and find new ideas that will help soar.


DeVos is definitely the person to do that as he has been working within the industry for some time. This is his big break to do something different and make sure that it resonates with the airline community. Now that he is appointed, Dick DeVos will also be working with several other groups on the $45 million renovation projects in Grand Rapids for the airport.


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