Paul Mampilly Lays Out His Strategy For Making His Investments Count

For many people, figuring out which stocks or other investments are going to do well probably is something they believe only longtime insiders or those with top numbers skills can figure out. But Paul Mampilly, an author for independent newsletter publication magazine Banyan Hill says there are a few simple methods to finding good stocks. The main one is to look for new companies especially in the high tech area because these companies have the most likely chance of growing as Mampilly has learned from experience. He knew Netflix and Facebook would become great successes before most other people did and earned thousands in profits from their stocks. Mampilly says you also need to look at which products are popular with millennials because companies who own those tend to perform better than most others.

Paul Mampilly has had a lot of changes since he first came to the US from India. After finishing his bachelor’s degree he became a research assistant at Deutsche Bank. That staeted a 10-year banking career that included stints at ING, Sears and Banker’s Trust. He did some independent investment consulting at Capuchin Consulting for a few years, and then became a hedge fund director for Kinetics International Fund. Follow Paul on Medium.

While at Kinetics International Fund, he took over $6 billion in high profile client funds and grew it to $25 billion in under a year. He also was a participant in the 2008 investment competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation. He was given $50 million, and without either shorting stocks or putting it in extremely high-risk funds, he grew it to $88 million by using safe investments while the rest of the market was in a downturn.

Paul Mampilly suddenly left Kinetics International Fund and the rest of Wall Street with his family in 2012 and later revealed in a video why he had done so. He had become tired of long work hours and only serving rich customers. He knew his stock knowledge could benefit regular Americans, and when he heard about Banyan Hill and how other editors there had also left Wall Street to do their own investing and writing he was happy to join them. What Mampilly does is take his newsletter readers through steps on how to setup their own portfolios and then make trades. His three newsletters that can be found at Banyan Hill’s website are “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.”

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Scott Rocklage Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage has had an exciting career. He currently works as a managing partner of a massive investment firm called 5AM Ventures. Scott has a doctorate and spent decades in the medical industry. After amassing a vast fortune from several investments, he started working at 5AM Ventures. He saw a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact in the medical community. Over the past few years, he has worked hard to add value to his company. Scott firmly believes that massive medical advances are possible with the right financial plan. Learn more:



Finding Opportunities



Part of Scott’s job at 5AM Ventures is to listen to business owners who need additional capital. Scott wants to fund as much medical research as possible. However, it only makes sense to fund companies that are going to grow in the coming years. Scott has a keen interest in longevity. He believes that the average age of humans will continue to increase. When living the right lifestyle, most people can live substantially longer than they realize.



Plans for the Future



Scott has multiple plans for the future. Although he could retire, he enjoys his work at 5AM Ventures. Although the medical industry needs money for research, he also believes that the pharmaceutical industry could make specific processes more efficient. Part of his work with 5AM Ventures is offering business advice to companies he invests in.


People like Scott are making a substantial difference in the health industry. Some people want to live a healthy lifestyle but struggle with affording basic medical treatments. If technology continues to improve, everyone will benefit from additional therapeutic opportunities.

Rocketship Education Believes In Taking Action To Build Quality Education For All Students

Rocketship Education has been making great progress with their schooling system throughout California, which has gained a great deal of traction over the years, opening new schools every year. As of late, there are plans in the works to even open up new schools in states around the country. What makes Rocketship Education public charter schools special is the quality of education they provide students, regardless of the community they are in or come from. It is Rocketship’s philosophy that every child’s education is important, not just those from privileged communities. Not only this, but they have proved all students are capable of great learning and improving beyond a single grade level in one year.

Students from Rocketship Education have consistently scored high in their subjects, especially math and reading. When it comes to Rocketship Education’s management, action speaks much louder than words. Which is why they do what is needed rather than just saying what they want to do. According to Rocketship’s leadership, if they can’t comfortable sending their own children there for a quality education, how could they recommend any other parents send their children there for their learning. This is a tough subject when it comes to all industries in terms of quality, but it is one that ROcketship doesn’t shy away from.

Rocketship Education has more than 25 thousand students each year attending their schools and improving their learning experience, most of which come from low-income communities. Rocketship will not deny any students for their backgrounds or financial situations, which makes Rocketship a highly diverse schooling system. Parents are also an important part of the Rocketship Education system, and they advocate for all parents to take a stronger part in the child’s learning, in or out of Rocketship schools. Rocketship is regularly helping parents gain the knowledge and voice they need to help their children reach the highest of their potential.

Fortress Investment Group, Amplitude Of Exorbitance

Fortress Investment Group is a collaboration the the worlds leading professionals when it comes down to the art of moving cash and assets where they ought to be moved. They particularly specialize in where the volatility and velocity of money travels because due to their adventures in the pristine world of cashflow statements they have generated millions and even billions of dollars for their clientele who could quite frankly sleep better at the night time thanks to Fortress Investment Group. Their take on strategy all depends on the many factors that play into the involvement of raising and more importantly keeping the capital given and acquired. The people who meet with them in order to commence business procedures are either wealthy upper society individuals with a knack for keeping generational wealth for them and their families or massive corporations that contributes to society in a bigger and better way than when they did not invest the time to plan out a proper game plan with Fortress Investment Group.

Yes, they adhere to the values of prestine quality to the clientele services and they do not go back on their word when it comes to their products. They are also equipped with a tool box on specific devices created to extract the maximum capital for their prospective base shop. In other words they go into ridiculous detail and attention for the investment opportunities that they look at for their customer’s satisfaction. When going into the studious process of delving deep into the confines and fundamentals that make an investment a good investment, they even take things a step further by meeting face to face with some of the worlds largest renoun names in existence today. This is to extract questions and answers from them that will provide them with even deeper details about what it is that the money is being put into for it to grow better.

Even after these two happenings and procedures, they are organized and thorough enough to hold private meetings within the walls of Fortress Financial Group to agree upon a conclusion of whether or not the action of initiating a deal is acutually neccessary or not. They do this within the space of their board of directors committee. The partnership of how Fortress Investment Group actually came about in the early days of 1989 is phenomenally outstanding and a true mark in the books and scrolls of history. Three determined men teamed together to formulate perhaps the largest banking institution in the human race. With their talents and character strengths coupled with each of their own personal experiences inside of the institutions of finance, a system which contributed to society at large was born. Their company however was sold to another business that is surnamed Soft Bank, and it is because of Soft Bank that they both give back to the people in a positive and financially productive way. Even after Soft Bank bought Fortress Investment Group with 3.3 Billion Dollars, the three business men continue to guide and lead the business and the businesses prospects to the top.

Learn the 3 D’s of Brazil Investor Igor Cornelsen Success

Why do some investors make money and others lose money? What is the secret of success for investors? Learn the 3 D’s of Brazil investor Igor Cornelsen success.


There are many cable television shows advocating the purchase of various stocks. Unfortunately, many of these are owned by the salesmen on the shows. How can someone find a stock that will be profitable?

If you look carefully at many of these popular stocks, you might find that they are high-priced. The investors have already purchased them and caused the price to rise. All of the news about the stock is positive.

While you might want to own a certain stock, if you purchase it when the price is high, you might not earn healthy profits. One of the strategies of Igor Cornelsen is to purchase “damaged” stocks. Damaged stocks might be lower due to product, management or market problems. Read this article at about Igor Cornelsen


Another strategy is to invest in stocks that were “declining.” Other investors might have identified some key problem in the corporate strategy. Perhaps, the stock was no longer popular.

Igor Cornelsen could purchase these declining stocks for a very good price. When bear markets arise, people become very emotional. They might fail to look at the underlying value of a stock.

As a former Brazilian banker, Mr. Cornelsen understands how to properly value assets. He is undeterred by market sentiment. In fact, the “herd mentality is usually wrong.” The herd tends to buy stocks when they are appreciated and sell them “after” they have declined.


Sometimes, investors will engage in “pump and dump” campaigns with various stocks. The underlying company might still be solid, but the shares might be depreciated after the investors took their profits. Mr. Cornelsen might invest in these depreciated stocks, if their fundamentals were sound.

The 3 “D’s” of Brazil investor Cornelsen investing success hinge on the need to have a low purchase price and high sale price to earn healthy profits. If the fundamentals remain sound, then damaged, declining or depreciated stocks might be great investment opportunities. You can add a solid cheap stock. Visit: