Working Hard with Contour: A NewsWatch TV Review

NewsWatch TV was founded in 1990 and has become one of the best programs when it comes to the latest in technology. The program can be seen on the AMC and Ion networks. The show allows up and coming technology companies to get a foot in the door to promote and sell their products.
The show makes sure that the consumer is well informed about the companies and products being sold on the show. The show makes sure that the advertisements are geared toward the widest possible audience in an easy and understandable manner. One example of how NewsWatch does this is a company called Contour Design.
The goal of Contour Design was to get the word out about new workstations that can adapt to the person using it. Contour Design s wanted to increase their audience to be able to get higher sales. The new ergonomic stations can make life much easier for those who use a keyboard and mouse.
The results of using NewsWatch were instant for the company. Bret Hudson is the Product Design Manager for Contour Design. Once the spot hit the airwaves there was an immediate increase in the number of workstations that were sold. The company could not have been happier with the campaign. The company was able to broaden its reach to more than ninety-five million households. The company saw a dramatic increase in impressions online as well with over half a million. With NewsWatch, Conour Design was able to do exactly what it set out to do.
This is a prime example of how a company like Contour Designs was able to broaden the audience for their products. Contour Designs really appreciates the hard work of NewsWatch and their team. It is the ultimate win-win for both companies as well as consumers.

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