Operating Principles Set Out by Don Ressler at JustFab and His Other Businesses

All the business ventures that Don Ressler and his business partner have initiated operate successfully due to the operating principles they have in place. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg value this working formula.


Without accountability no business can do well. Ressler encourages his staff to make good decisions as though they were the owners of the business. Continual improvement of the business is also something that Resssler prioritizes. The staff members are encouraged to minimize bureaucracy and manage the client’s expectations.

Easy Going

At TechStyle like JustFab, light heart experiences are not frowned at. Team work, according to both Ressler and Goldenberg, is possible when workers avoid egos and purpose instead on cooperation and synergy on EyePain.org. An easy going working environment is a matter of primacy for Ressler and Adam.


Innovation is a product of passion. Passionate individuals tend to give their assignments their best and almost always come up with smart initiatives at http://www.businessinsider.com/justfab-becomes-techstyle-fashion-group-2016-8. Passion that is also accompanied by professionalism is instrumental to delivery.

Hard Work

The place of hard work cannot be forgotten. Both Andy and Ressler are hardworking entrepreneurs and require the same of their staff. In order to work well staff members are encouraged to first understand how all the efforts of each of them work towards the delivery of success.

Team Work

In TechStyle like in JustFab, Team work is a big part of the success. As much as individual talent counts, collective initiative and hard work lifts the company higher and higher. Continuous learning is something that Ressler and Adam encourage. Through continuous learning individuals grow and the team also does better.

Funding for JustFab

In 2010 around mid-March, Adam and Don Ressler registered their new company: JustFab. A year later the company was $33 million richer courtesy of Matrix Partners, concerned with venture capital. Shortly after this funding, the company got additional resources from Rho Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures. Intelligent Beauty also added to JustFab’s funds. This jab in the arm enabled JustFab to establish an international presence. JustFab now has a presence in the UK, Canada and Germany.

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