World Publisher and Film Director- Roberto Santiago

We all have dreams and goals we desire to achieve in our lives, but few of us accomplish those dreams. To achieve the dreams, dedication determination and hard work is the way to go not forgetting that focus and the spirit of never giving up in life.

Roberto Santiago is one man who has lived to accomplish many of his dreams if not all. Born and raised in Madrid in 1968, Roberto attended school, and after his High School graduation, he joined Universidad Complutense de Madrid to study image and sound at the Faculty of Communication Science. His passion for art and wanting to achieve and do what he loved most led Roberto to study Literary Creation at the School of Letters Madrid. Read more on

Roberto Santiago is an inspiration and a role model to many who are aspiring to become an artist and even authors. He has been a television script writer, an editor for advertising agencies in Madrid, novel publisher, and a producer of more than two video clips. Mr. Roberto loves children, and most of his published books are children stories. Los Futbolisimos is one of his collections and the most popular one in the country. The book was originally written in Spanish, but in the recent years, he has translated it into other different languages to expand his fan base.

Roberto Santiago has been recognized on several occasions including being a finalist of the Prize El Barco de Vapor f or his first novel El Ladron de mentiras. He is also an Award winner including Edebe Prize for Children’s Literature with Jon and the machine of fear. Roberto Santiago is fully committed to the entertainment, media, and the art industries. He has written several films, and he is also a movie director including the longest penalty for the world which was nominated for the Goya Awards for the category of the best screenplay, at the end of the road, and the suicidal club. Roberto is not only recognized in his home country, but he has also gained recognition globally for the production of El Sueno de Ivan, the film gives a unique platform to be recognized and sponsored by UNICEF for its value for children.

Roberto Santiago does not rest until he sees the entertainment, art and the media sector transforming and advancing to higher levels. He is also involved in writing films and plays for theater. Some of his comedy writings include Women’s Happiness, Topos, the other side of the bed and many others. His books are found in bookshops and can also be purchased online all over the world. View more articles on

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