Brad Reifler’s Take On The Real Money Monster In Wall Street

Brad Reifler has given his expert opinions to the business media and Wall Street information publications, and one of his latest opinions was a review of the new movie Money Monster. The film is about a man who blames a TV host for bad investment advice he was given and takes him hostage when he loses his investment.

Reifler explains how even though the characters in the film are all fictional, many people have experienced real situations similar to that of the film. But Brad Reifler did say that there are changes you can make to the way you invest to avoid the tragedy of the film.

Reifler says that investors shouldn’t just look to the stock market as the primary source of investing because while it has a lot of good options, it can be a very risky investment environment.

He also says investors should be careful of who they choose to advise and manage their investments because most advisors are only interested in making money off the investor rather than making sure their fund performs well. And then Reifler says investors need to have a goal and not quit investing until they reach it. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler began investing not long after graduating from Bowdoin College. He opened an independent futures operation known as Reifler Trading Co. that specialized in all kinds of funds ranging from discretionary accounts to global derivatives and private equity. The company was sold for large profits to Refco years later.

Reifler founded a billion-dollar hedge fund firm known as Pali Capital in 1995 that ran for 15 years. Then in 2010 he founded Forefront Capital, a multi-service alternative investment company that became highly successful with fortune 1000 and investment banking clients.

Brad Reifler started Forefront Income Trust in 2014 because he had wanted to make investing outside the stock market possible for those outside the 1%.

Part of what had driven Reifler to start this company was the time that he had tried to invest his father’s company in a good IRA plan but found that he couldn’t because his father was unaccredited. So Reifler’s new investment fund is now open to investing in for as little as $1,000.

Copa Star to Offer Rioians a Clean Bill of Health

After a construction period that took three years, the Hospital Copa Star was inaugurated in October last year. Located in the south of Rio, Figueiredo Magalhaes Street, the Rioians obtained a new standard in the health sector. The Copa Star Hospital brings together skilled service, luxury, sophisticated technology, and comfort. Its architectural design matches that of a five-star hotel, a concept widely implemented by Rede D’Or Sao Luiz in their ventures.

With its seven floors and 20 thousand square meters, the Copa Star boasts of refinement and technological innovation. The Smart Hospitality system provides patients with an autonomy level that cannot be experienced in any other hospital. With the iPads made available to inpatients, a few touches are what is required to make a conversation with a doctor or request for nurses’ attention. This technology has also been made present in automation of bed aspects. With the exclusive automation, an inpatient can change the room’s lighting, open and close curtains, and even contact the doctor for an examination. Read more at about Copa Star.

The investment was in excess of R$ 400 million, and it started in 2013. Founder and President of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, Cardiologist Jorge Moll, stated that the investment provided an alternative to the residents who had to go to Sao Paulo to get medical services. He praised the Hospital Copa Star for its ability to reconcile hotel accommodations with professional staff, which helps in recovery. Moll added that the hospital would continue providing an environment capable of uniting comfort with technology and human acceptance. The services are personalized and exclusive.

Other innovations of Copa Star Hospital include an attached area meant for the flow of health professionals and stretchers. The corridors have a calm and welcoming air. To attain this, the Network had to rely on an aromatization project and artwork by Japanese painter, Toyota.

Staff Training and Payment Methods

The hospital team trained for two months with several simulations and tests. Actors made interpretation of possible emergency situations to ensure that everything was detailed. The Copa Star staff comprise of over 550 employees, of which 113 are specialized doctors. They have been adequately trained on how to approach patients, to the type of makeup, and clothes they should use.

Any assumption that the hospital will only cater for private patients who are ready to pay cash is not correct. The Copa Star Hospital accepts all methods of payments, including health insurance plans.

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World Publisher and Film Director- Roberto Santiago

We all have dreams and goals we desire to achieve in our lives, but few of us accomplish those dreams. To achieve the dreams, dedication determination and hard work is the way to go not forgetting that focus and the spirit of never giving up in life.

Roberto Santiago is one man who has lived to accomplish many of his dreams if not all. Born and raised in Madrid in 1968, Roberto attended school, and after his High School graduation, he joined Universidad Complutense de Madrid to study image and sound at the Faculty of Communication Science. His passion for art and wanting to achieve and do what he loved most led Roberto to study Literary Creation at the School of Letters Madrid. Read more on

Roberto Santiago is an inspiration and a role model to many who are aspiring to become an artist and even authors. He has been a television script writer, an editor for advertising agencies in Madrid, novel publisher, and a producer of more than two video clips. Mr. Roberto loves children, and most of his published books are children stories. Los Futbolisimos is one of his collections and the most popular one in the country. The book was originally written in Spanish, but in the recent years, he has translated it into other different languages to expand his fan base.

Roberto Santiago has been recognized on several occasions including being a finalist of the Prize El Barco de Vapor f or his first novel El Ladron de mentiras. He is also an Award winner including Edebe Prize for Children’s Literature with Jon and the machine of fear. Roberto Santiago is fully committed to the entertainment, media, and the art industries. He has written several films, and he is also a movie director including the longest penalty for the world which was nominated for the Goya Awards for the category of the best screenplay, at the end of the road, and the suicidal club. Roberto is not only recognized in his home country, but he has also gained recognition globally for the production of El Sueno de Ivan, the film gives a unique platform to be recognized and sponsored by UNICEF for its value for children.

Roberto Santiago does not rest until he sees the entertainment, art and the media sector transforming and advancing to higher levels. He is also involved in writing films and plays for theater. Some of his comedy writings include Women’s Happiness, Topos, the other side of the bed and many others. His books are found in bookshops and can also be purchased online all over the world. View more articles on

Timothy Armour And His Investment Advice

Tim Armour said that Warren Buffet invested $ 1 million in charity. He did this to acquire better investment returns compared to a team of hedge fund managers. Tim says that Warren is correct that many expensive and mediocre funds frequently shortchange investors.

Tim adds that he supports Warren’s commitment to simple investments that are low costs and those that should be purchased and held for an extended period of time. The bottom-up investing approach of Warren Buffet has been able to prove itself for many years. Tim says that consumers need to be cautious of product labels in many industries. He adds that the debate about the active versus passive is an intra-industry debate that fails to serve investors.

Tim Armour adds that the majority of mutual funds offer poor or mediocre long-term returns because of excessive trading and high management fees. Opportunity costs and volatility risks of passive index investments are usually unknown or underestimated. Warren says that it is not about passive or active, but rather about delivering investment returns that are good in the long-term. He adds that the main components of such returns are low costs. Tim Armour says that this is the time to challenge the myth that passive index returns are the best and safe ways to a healthy retirement. Index funds offer no protection against down markets.

Timothy Armour works at the Capital Research and Management Company where he serves as the director, principal executive officer, and also the chairman. He has massive experience in the investment field. He previously held the position of an equity portfolio manager at the Capital Group Companies, Inc. He also worked as the equity investment analyst at the Capital Group where he was involved with US service companies and also global telecommunications.

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