Chaz Dean Has Delivered

Chaz Dean is like the postman: he always delivers. He even delivers on Sundays! He has built a reputation as the very best when it comes to hair care products. That puts a smile on his face and it reminds him of why he does this in the first place. He knows that people love his products, and he enjoys making them happy. For him, everything that is created is made from a good place and from his heart and soul. That is why he puts his name on it. He wants people to know exactly what they are getting.

With his latest Guthy-Renker product, Wen by Chaz, they know they are getting a product that does it all: it works as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. This is an all in one bottle and it is truly out of this world and amazing. This product has proven once again that Chaz Dean knows how to deliver, and he is always looking to expand his horizons. He wants to make things easier on his customers. They have everything they need with this product, and they can do many things at once for all different types of hair.

A prominent reviewer/blogger named Emily McClure from has also taken notice of this product. She had heard a lot about it on QVC, and she wanted to try it out for herself. She wanted to review it and give it the full go-around. It is highly recommended, and it can be read here: It paints the full picture of what it was like using the product for seven days. Speaking of pictures, every day, she added pictures to her post to let people see how the product was working on her hair, as she had used the Wen Hair Fig version. By day seven, the results spoke for themselves.

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Julie Zuckerberg’s Success as an Executive Recruiter

Every successful business or person has gone through some dynamic yet elaborate shaping to reach a certain level of perfection. As for Julie, she has been through a series of colleges and has a rich experience that made her the successful executive recruiter that she is today. She is now one of the best examples for people who would like to enter into financial market services or would like to take their businesses to a higher level of outstanding success. Her expertise and talent in this field have seen her become the vice president of Deutsche Bank, which is based in New York.


Julie’s educational background is vast and rich. All the courses she did complement each other, and brought her out as the successful businesswoman that she is today. She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studied Philosophy, and later on joined the New York Law School for her law degree.


Julie Zuckerberg has very many skills that have been acquired throughout her career. These skills have made her the best solution provider who is not only needed by the people of her locality, but from all over the country. She first worked at Hudson staffing and recruiting firm with the duties being recruitment placing for lawyers, paralegals and case managers among others. This job exposed her to the legal side of the business and the world of law in general. She later moved to work at Citi Global Consumer Bank Financial, a service company where she served as a recruiter and the vice president. She was tasked with the duties of hiring the best candidates for the bank, a role that made her grow in skills and knowledge of all factors that influence the financial markets and how to get the best out of them. She later moved on to diversify her experience while working at New York Life Insurance Company as the vice president, a position that made her work with top management in providing a solution to different aspects through strategic and viable planning.


Having worked with big institutions in New York, Julie has perfected her skills and talent as a mentor and a coach, in interviewing skills, succession management, leadership as well as a good conflict resolution personnel. She is not just a work and no play kind of person. She works with other leaders in improving the welfare of the society through charities. She has great compassion for the less privileged, which makes her volunteer occasionally to support them both financially and with her time. During her free time, she would visit the art galas to appreciate the work of art, which she is a big fan. She is also fascinated by technology and all the beauty and the differences that come with it. Julie is a great advocate for animal welfare as well as a lover of pets. She represents success and professional excellence that guarantees nothing but the best quality of services. There is a lot that women can learn from this inspirational figure.