Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Program

With USHEALTH, customers have the ability to choose a health care plan that is beneficial for their unique, individual needs. With more than five decades of experience, this organization is an expert at offering its diverse range of customers quality health insurance. Both families and individuals are able to find affordable plans that are also quite secure and flexible. A few years ago, USHEALTH launched a program called HOPE, through which the organization has been able to give back to other people in the community.

The president of USHEALTH, Troy McQuagge, decided to create the HOPE program almost a decade ago in 2010. He has also been working to expand its reach ever since. The vision behind the HOPE program is to work together with different organizations that share the same values and goals to make a larger impact in the community. After Hurricane Katrina left many people devastated, the HOPE and Phoenix of New Orleans team stepped in to help. It is just one example of what can be accomplished when multiple like-minded programs work together. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

HOPE built the victims new, safe housing with the help of PNOLA. They volunteered in some of the city’s most heavily affected areas, and also used their manpower to aid in the lower mid-city’s restoration.

USHEALTH’s advisors made an impactful decision during a board meeting back in 2012 to donate a sum of $25,000 to help with the work of the HOPE Kids Arizona. This is a successful support group that delivers assistance to both children and women who are struggling with various life-threatening diseases, like cancer. When the HOPE Kid’s North Texas branch was created, USHEALTH stepped up and gave them an additional $45,000 in donations. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

Through the vessel of Troy McQuagge’s wildly influential HOPE program, USHEALTH has been able to make an incredibly positive impact in the lives of many members of the community. HOPE’s mission is to better the lives of others who may be in need in any way that they can. Serving the community is a task that the organization is taking more and more seriously each day.

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Louis Chenevert: Making UTC Greater than the Sum of its Parts

In 2012 when United Technologies Corporation (UTC) acquired Goodrich the casual observer might not have appreciated the strategy that was being employed by CEO Louis Chenevert. It was part of a much broader plan which adds up to a win for UTC shareholders. To understand why Mr. Chenevert, whose background is in production management, would want to acquire a company like Goodrich, you would need to understand a little bit about both businesses. UTC is a conglomerate which makes most of its money from sales to either aviation customers or builders. In the case of the former, we are talking about aircraft manufacturers. When a customer like Boeing approaches UTC for engines often, UTC could bundle the sale with other avionics. Thus a company like Goodrich, which in addition to selling tires has an avionics division, makes a good fit with UTC.

During Mr. Chenevert’s tenure as CEO of UTC, 2006 to 2014, there were many such acquisitions made by UTC. The synergistic aspects of all of them made the company stronger. By themselves, they were less valuable than the value they represented under the big United Technologies umbrella. Being a master of achieving the desired result, Louis Chenevert has endeavored to create a conglomerate like no other. Mr. Chenevert transformed the company into a mosaic of efficiency where each division feeds business and stimulates sales to its sister divisions as a matter of convenience to their customers. Think of it as one-stop shopping.

The design of his business plan was brilliantly simple. Only an executive who had spent the first twenty years of his career solving production line dilemmas might have come up with such an approach. Louis Chenevert spent two decades in production management first at General Motors and then in UTC’s Pratt & Whitney division. The net result of the synergies he put in place at UTC caused the value of UTC shares to vault from around $55 to $115 during his time as CEO.

Nowadays Louis Chenevert is semi-retired, spending much of his time designing and building yachts or out to sea. He also serves as an advisor to Goldman Sachs on issues regarding aviation and industrial production.

Jeunesse Global Product Review

When talking about the cosmetics industry, there are companies you might know better than Jeunesse. If that’s the case, then you are going to want to make sure that you get to know this firm soon. Originally started by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009, the company’s goal is to make sure that people who use their products look their best as well as feel their best. There are a number of different products the company has to offer that will fulfill those goals.

At the top of the list of those products is Instantly Ageless. This is a product that will work to start reducing the bags under your eyes once you put it on almost at once. The product will work to reduce the bags and lines and wrinkles you’ve grown accustomed to under your eyes. The effects of the product can generally last about 6-9 hours, which means you can go through your entire looking and feeling just a little bit younger. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel when you look in the mirror and see someone looking back that feels quite a bit younger.

If you like the way your skin looks under your eyes, and want to keep on going, you can go with something like Luminesce. This is a full facial treatment that will work on your pores and wrinkles to give you a much younger look than you had thought was possible. The chemicals that are included is also the proprietary APT-200 which is geared towards making sure that your inner glow is brought forward. The product is going to be able to be rubbed into your facial surface and allow for your skin to feel fuller and livelier.

You can complete the look with NV, which has a bit of bronzer included in the cream that will give your face and even better and healthier look. When you combine these products on a daily basis, you will find that your skin is looking better than it has in years. And you’ll feel better because of that look.

Desiree Perez A Player To Be Reckoned With

Desiree Perez has never let her gender play a role in her success. She has always taken the bull by the horns and directed her own destiny. That has been evident in her many successes in the entertainment and music industry for the past 20 years. For over a decade she was a night club and entertainment venue manager in New York City, creating a stellar reputation for her work. She recently was named by Billboard as one of the magazine’s 2017 Digital Power Players. As one of the only women on the list, it is an honor that few have received.

Des, as her friends and colleagues call her, is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and their digital music subscription service, TIDAL. Her tenacity in the negotiation room led Jay-Z to name her COO of Roc Nation in 2009 and he knew he needed someone like her at TIDAL. Perez did not disappoint, negotiating a deal with Sprint that landed TIDAL a game-changing 45 million potential subscribers. The deal was completed in January of 2017 and gives Sprint a 33% stake in the company in exchange for $200 million and will make TIDAL the music streaming service for Sprint customers.

Desiree is known in the industry for being a top-tier negotiator, landing deals for Beyoncé’s Foundation Stadium and Rihanna’s deal with Samsung. Her and husband Tony run Roc Nation and have made it one of the premier players in the entertainment industry, signing a boatload of the nation’s top talent. She also plays a role in Roc Nation Sports, helping to secure deals for professional athletes like Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners who got a $240 million deal in 2014. Des, a Jay-Z confidant, is a player to be reckoned with for years to come.

Igor Cornelsen Cuts to the Chase About Investing in Latin America

The investment game has changed a lot over the years. No one industry or stock is going to be enough for investors. This is not the way that it works. People that are investing are certainly going to need to know how they can build up their investments. It all comes down to getting knowledge on what it takes to invest in a market where the currency rates are different. It also means that people must take the time to get to know the natives. Read this article at to know more.

In addition to this there needs to be a reasonable amount of patience for the regulations that can hinder or prolong some investment activities. These are the three things that Igor Cornelsen has made people aware of as someone that knows a lot about foreign investing.

Igor can talk about these things with a great amount of confidence because he knows how the investment world functions. He knows that there are so many possibilities for people to engage in when it comes to investments like index funds for places like Brazil. The reality, however, is that no investor is going to be able to transition into Brazilian market without acquiring the knowledge that it takes to know what is happening with the economy.

Economic conditions and the natives that are spending their money will affect your rate of return. The same can be said for the regulations that are part of the Brazilian economy. If you don’t know about these things you do not know what you need to invest in. Igor Cornelsen warns people to avoid overlooking this knowledge. As easy as it may seem to neglect this it is a sure-fire way to lose money quickly.

Igor can tell people about these things and speak with confidence because he has lived in Brazil for a considerable amount of time. He has transitioned back into America, but if there is anyone that knows about what it takes to invest outside of America it is Igor Cornelsen. He has been there and done that on many occasions, and he wants to help others do the same.

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The Brown Modeling Agency Conquers Runways Nationwide With Young, Talented Beauty

In 2015, Wilhelmina Austin founded the Brown Agency. The Brown Modeling Agency came as a result of Heyman Talent-South acquisition. The former and the latter are two of the leading talent agencies in the region. To ensure the agency success, Austin joined the best forces from the two companies, joining unique abilities and strengths. The office is the only organization in Austin to provide full-service, and it is among the only few agency in entire Texas. Austine launched the company alongside Justin Brown in 2010, which developed to be one of the most established modeling talent agencies in central Texas.




The agency provides a full portfolio of experienced, talented models, and provided opportunities for young gifted models to advance. Based in Dallas, the organization is led by Justin Brown. Brown posts as the company CEO, while the Michael B. Bonnee, the founder of Heyman Talent-South, works in the theatrical division of the agency. The agency found praise in delivering dependable models who’ve seen their place in the world of high fashion, working alongside the biggest names in the industry for many years.




The Brown Modeling Agency became known for their elegant and professional models. Their goal is to maintain high standards when it comes to marketing and talent expectations, which resulted in numerous models finding their place in the world of high fashion.




Since then, the Brown Modeling Agency became the top agency in Texas to provide modeling and commercial success. The agencies models gained exposure through working with leading brands in the fashion industry, such as L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell and thousands more of well-known companies. Its models, originating from central Texas, came to be known.




Ever since their founding, the company managed to maintain high standards when it came to signing and supervising the work of their models. The result was a broad portfolio of professional and reliable models who have earned the company a respectable reputation, making their way to the designer runways across the world.




Since 2015, the talents working for The Brown Modeling Agency haven’t been engaged only in the U.S. They have also conquered runways across Europe, working with international brands such as L’Oreall, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton. Moreover, the models coming from the Brown Modeling Agency have walked all the major national fashion events. These include Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Understanding that the value of the company depends on their talent, the Brown Modeling Agency team dedicated their efforts to find the best, most talented models with pleasant personalities and professional approach.



The result of their efforts came in the form of grand commercial success, earning the company a nation-wide known reputation among the top U.S.-based modeling talent agencies. Check out to see more.





The Success of Matt Badiali

The booming oil business is taking the world trade market by storm. Various trading partners are jetting into different investment opportunities grabbing every available chance on the natural resource investment. The most substantial trading opportunities in the mining sector call for active and full-time participation in the approach of various mining techniques. To sail together with other investors and strategists on the natural resource investment, is the phenomenal individual, Matt Badiali. He is a renowned individual with a broad array of experience and unique knowledge in the mining sector. His sufficient intelligence on the industry has earned him an opportunity to dine and have a word on various investment opportunities with the world’s best investors across multiple continents. Matt has travelled and continues to build ties with diverse natural resource individuals from around the world. His expertise in the sector has seen him explore the high limits of his capabilities in the natural resource and agricultural areas. Matt has established various mining business across multiple countries such as Switzerland, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Turkey. As a natural resource expert, Matt Badiali has worked as Senior Editor at Banyan Hill. Matt has toured the world meeting various successful natural resource investors and interrogating them on their secrets to a successful investment journey.

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The thrilling stories from Matt Badiali are worthy every upcoming investor. The geological data analysis reveals the high demand for the natural resource. The demand from the countries abroad is rising, and there is need to improve on the refinery process of the natural oils. As a veteran of the natural resource industry as well as an Editor to the Real Wealth Strategists, Matt Badiali has been able to research on the viable mining sites in the world. His success came about as a result of his exceptional educational and professional background. Matt Badiali obtained his Degree in Earth Science from the Penn State University. He also went ahead and got his Master’s Degree from the Florida Atlantic University. His superb knowledge of natural resource investment earned him an opportunity to work at Banyan Hill. He has also worked as an environmental advisor to various organizations. He strives to realize healthful working conditions by the mining crew which will ultimately result in the best mining practices. He goes on to educate individuals and companies on the best strategies for natural resource management. He equips himself with cutting-edge technology techniques that yield the best mining and oil extraction.

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Penn West Becomes Obsidian Energy

The Canadian oil royalty trust, Penn West, has undergone some changes, and it has turned out to be more than a simple name change. Obsidian has restructured into a regular corporation, and has made other notable changes. These changes were voted upon and passed at a recent shareholder meeting.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Obsidian Energy recently changed its name, as it was at once time known as Penn West Energy Trust. Undergoing some changes, the company is looking forward to a great year in 2017. Although it is called a medium-size energy producing oil and gas company, it is one of the 60 largest companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Shares of OBE are traded on the New York Stock Exchange as well.


Although the company experienced operational and financial difficulties when the price of oil fell in 2014, its financial future and operations appear secure on today’s markets.


After having converted from a Canadian Royalty Trust to a standard corporate structure in 2011, the company pays its dividends on a monthly basis, which is a rarity for companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


In their recent annual meeting, shareholders approved the name change, and all other changes listed on the agenda. Since October, David French has taken over as CEO for the company. He had asked the stock holders for the name change, since, as he said, “The company no longer resembles the old Penn West”. See This Page for additional information


In 2013, the company reduced its debt by selling assets, reducing that debt from $3 billion down to $384 million.


Obsidian Energy appears to be a smaller company than the previous Penn West. Their production will be down to about 28,000 barrels of oil per day, compared to the previous 135,000 that was produced in 2013.


In a streamlining process, the company reduced its employees by about one thousand employees.


Igor Cornelsen Is A Knowledgeable Investor

Igor Cornelsen is an experienced investor who has been around for many years. He has a versatile resume and knows how to pick companies and commodities for his clients. Igor Cornelsen has a successful track record of driving his clients to long-term business success. One of his methods is teaching people how not to invest in damaged companies, but instead invest in damaged stock. Damaged stock can be bought at a very low price and is guaranteed to make money for its client in the long run.

Becoming an investor is a huge responsibility. Those who do not have the experience and skill are risking lots of personal finance in the endeavor. There is a great deal of risk involved even when the process is being conducted correctly. Beginners need to understand the rules and conduct research on how a particular investment vehicle works.

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Risk is reduced with education and studying the arena. Investments should not cost the investor money. If this is the case then the investment should be canceled immediately. Igor believes that an investor should never lose money. There is no gain in losing. The only point is making money at all times.

Investors should pay careful attention to the diversity of their portfolios. Portfolio diversity is an essential element to minimizing risk. Portfolios such as these offer an opportunity to gain revenue from several different sources. Mixing sound investments with risky ones is a great way to diversify a portfolio.

Investors who are new to the process should spend time with an experienced investment advisor. An experienced investment person will be able to provide the knowledge that prevents the losses that come from a lack of education on the process. When the new investor feels that they have a solid grasp on how the process works then they are ready to go out on their own and take some risks. Check ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen’s methods.

Igor Cornelsen believes that it is important to invest early in life. It is a smart way to build financial security. Most young people are in a hurry to get started in the workforce. They dedicate a lot of time to their profession and often overlook saving and investing. However, it is never too early to learn how to make income earn revenue.






Obsidian Energy, Brand New Name

Obsidian Energy Ltd. Is an average sized Canadian oil and conventional natural gas manufacturing company located in Calgary, Alberta? They experienced financial and operational adversity when prices of crude oil immensely went down in 2014. Consequently, the company goes through a compelling restructuring with the bulk of the resources bargained over the next two years to lessen the debt and the company’s arrears.



In July, by the year if 2014 Penn West freshly delegated Financial Officer Dyck, David had detected and disclosed irregularities in the company’s bookkeeping system that misclassified approximately and roughly 300 million dollars in cost and damages. Penn West Petroleum alert the U.S. and Canadian directors regarding with the inconsistency and flaws and broaden their inspection and analysis to reassess and re-examine conclusions way back in 2007. The accusations bound, and tied auditing irregularities comprise those in Canada and a class force impeachment in the United States. At the end of July 2014, independent accountant and auditors revealed and confirmed that 70 million dollars’ worth of expenses that is rechanneled as the capital disbursement on stuff like property and equity, equipment and plant in financial 2013.



The auditors disclosed that hundreds of millions of dollars in costs had been inadequately and improperly classified, urging it to summarize and recap financial reports for the year of 2012, 2013 and the first part of the year 2014. Get Additional Information Here.



On June 26, 2017, Obsidian is happy and satisfied that the investors or bondholders approved the change name. The CEO, French Dave, reveals that the firm designates the name Obsidian because it is typically acquiring volcanic looking glass that can be a grind and honed. Shareholders chose and voted 92 percent in backing up of the resolution of changing the name.



They are pleased to identify the final step with the transformation changing the name to Obsidian Energy. As they embark the brand-new stage, they will monitor the company with ethics and foundation. Obsidian Energy is well grounded in right resources and assets.



Additional to the name change, investors and shareholders legalized and approved all resolutions bounded in the 2017 Annual and Special Meeting on April 30, 2017. Currently, the company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto Stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).