Who Is Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group?

Some people refer to him as Peter Briger Jr. According to a list of the world’s richest men that was released by Forbes in 2007, Peter Briger Jr. is ranked at position 407. If we can trust what Forbes says, this sheds light on who Peter is. In that 2007 list, Forbes says that Peter, 43 by the time the report was out, is married with 4 children. The report went on to say that, Peter’s wealth is self-made and that much of the wealth comes from financial investments.

Graduates With A Bachelor’s Degree

Peter Briger graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Princetown University. Not long after that, he got an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. Immediately after his graduation, Peter got a job at Goldman Sachs. He worked with this financial Group and equity firm for 15 years before moving to the next workstation. While he was working with Goldman Sachs, Peter got the opportunity control several committees. Some of the committees include The Asian Distressed Business, Fixed Income Investment Group, Asian Real Estate Private Equity, Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business, and Special Opportunities Asia Fund LLC among other committees.

Joins Fortress Investment Group

When Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs, where he had served for 15 years, he joined Fortress Investment Group. As usual, Peter rose up the ranks until 2002 when he was named a member of the executive. Today, Mr. Briger is the co-chairman and third principal of Fortress Investment Group. Here, Peter presides over one of the pillar departments of the equity firm. He is in charge of the real estate and credit section.

Although he has a lot to do for the company and his family, Peter Briger does not limit himself. He goes out to help others who need his help. Apart from his weighty job at Fortress Investment Group, Peter also chairs the Princetown University Entrepreneurship Advisory a program that Peter and other former Princetown colleagues started to help the Princetown community startups. He is also a member in two other groups based in San Francisco namely the Tipping Point, a local NGO that helps low-income families, and Caliber Schools, a chain of schools with a competitive curriculum.

Why OSI Industries is a Leading Food Service Provider

Food is an essential commodity. As such, many people have tried to come up with companies dealing in the provision of food. Among the various companies dealing with food provision services are such as OSI Industries. OSI has been in the game for long, and they are not backing out soon. As a company that has been in existence for over a century, OSI has been able to carve a reputation for themselves in the food sector. Moreover, over the years, they have been able to overcome various challenges thereby resulting in OSI Industries becoming a more reputable organization.

Background Information

As much as OSI Industries has been able to spread its wings and set up various branches on a global scale, the company’s journey has been quite interesting. Initially, OSI Industries was a butcher shop that was being operated by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky was passionate about the butcher shop, and he dedicated a lot of time and effort to see it prosper. With time, his efforts paid off, and he even set up another branch in a region known as Maywood, still in Chicago. Setting up a branch to his main butcher shop was a sign that the business was growing and there was a lot of potential to be tapped into. Otto’s sons were also growing, and they had to understand the basics of the business so that they may run it on their own in the future. Well, Otto included his sons in the business, and they even renamed the company to Otto & Sons since it was a family entity.

Additional Information

Otto & Sons also prospered under the management of the Arthur & Henry; the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. There even came a period whereby the company was contracted by McDonald’s to act as the primary supplier of freshly ground meat. The McDonald’s restaurant was growing first, and they even set up other branches internationally. Otto & Sons also took toll and went global. However, by the time they were going global, they had already rebranded to OSI Industries. Since the rebranding of the company in 1975, the company has been under the leadership of a renowned leader known as Sheldon Lavin.

Melding of PSI Pay and Western Union Helps Online Wallet Holders

The merging of Western Union’s money movement network within the ecoAccount system now allows ecoPay users to transfer funds. Uniting the two systems enables a whole new class of payment processors to connect to the global Agent network of the Western Union Company. EcoPayz payment offerings are Western Union’s first UK based online wallet agent.


The large capacity of Western Union and its multi-channel money transfer abilities allow for unhindered movement of funds regardless of whether they are digital or cash. The union of ecoPay and Western Union marks the first enablement of a non-bank online wallet provider in the UK. As a result, PSI-Pay Ltd. (the provider of ecoPay and other payment services), will be positioned to offer flexibility with regards to location and features. Future plans will add services to the ecoPay mobile app.


This integration is not just a benefit for PSI-Pay Ltd. Since almost a third of banking customers worldwide are now using products and services from non-traditional sources, this new combination puts Western Union in a strategic position for new global growth opportunities.

The Western Union Company uses an omnichannel platform to connect physical and digital currency in a way that makes receiving and paying easy and reliable. As of 2018, the network has included over half a million retail Agent locations in more than 200 countries. In addition, westernunion.com is now available in over 40 countries and has helped move over 300 billion dollars in nearly 130 different currencies.


As an authorized e-money institution, PSI Pay Ltd. is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to circulate e-money, payment instruments, as well as other related products. Additionally, PSI Pay is licensed to issue multiple payment card types and is a Principal Issuing Member of Visa and Mastercard Worldwide. These regulations and licensing help to differentiate the products and services offered by PSI Pay from unregulated currencies like cryptocurrency. The transparency, efficiency and security of the its platform has allowed PSI Pay to offer real-time transfer of funds in 44 currencies across 173 countries.





This is a recap of the video created and uploaded on Youtube by NetPicks Trading, called “4 STEPS IN PREPARING LIKE A PRO TRADER.”

Since day trading is often seen as a high-stress activity, it can be helpful and profitable to pick up on successful habits of successful people, and this video from Netpicks goes over some steps to prepare like a pro trader. Netpicks says to spend more time preparing to trade to have the best successes. They say to “figure out a clear & simple routine that can be replicated consistently as the trader sits down at their desk to work.”


” Recognize What the Key Market-moving Economic Releases and Events Are”

Netpicks suggests this as one of the preparations a day trader should undertake. It helps the trader figure out when opportunity is available. This also helps the trader avoid mistakes when economic releases occur.


” Anticipate the Market Activity for the Day”

While figuring out what the market activity will be like for the day to come, a prepared day trader should also “figure out possible alternative scenarios” that may occur throughout the full trading day. This helps the trader figure out the likelihood of strategies they consider as profitable.


” Identifying Key Market Price Markers for the Day”

Netpicks also recommends this rule to prepare in the beginning of the day in order to effectively start and execute trades, and according to Netpicks, this gives you “a structure with which you can better understand trading activity”, learn more on (Netpicks.com).


” Get A Performance-focused Mindset Prior to Open”

In addition to changing your mindset before trading for the day, Netpicks also advocates thinking over the trade itself to “visualize how your will trade given certain market behavior “, get more information on linkedin.com.

Traders must use whatever news is coming their way to catch onto as many trades seem to be trending. It is possible to anticipate the high and lows throughout the day. Netpicks says, “trading can be less frustrating when you expect what you are experiencing”, click http://www.dailyforex.com/netpicks/netpicks-review/195.


A Look At Wes Edens’ Latest Ventures

New York-based Wes Edens is an entrepreneur who was one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group, an alternative assets investment firm. He is also the owner of teams in a number of sports leagues. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Oregon State University and after graduating entered the financial industry. He worked for a few different firms, such as BlackRock Asset Investors and Lehman Brothers, before launching Fortress Investment Group in 1998. His financial specialty is in private equity and he has invested in a number of businesses such as Nationstar Mortgage and Springleaf Financial Services.

His latest venture is Brightline. This is a private train company that launched its first project in Florida. It is operating a high-speed train which once completed will provide service between Miami and Orlando. Wes Edens says that they are also looking into expanding this service to Tampa or Jacksonville. What this company is predicated upon is offering affordable train service between cities that have too much congestion between them for people to want to make the trip by car while also too close for an airplane trip to be a reasonable alternative.

Brightline could replicate this concept of train service in other locations which share similar demographics to Florida. Wes Edens commented that his team’s vision doesn’t stop in just Florida and that the eventual goal is to see if train service is viable in other congested corridors such as between Houston and Dallas. Train service in Florida began in late January 2018.

Wes Edens owns a number of teams in sports. The first team he became a co-owners of was the Milwaukee Bucks. He bought this team along with a business partner for $550 million in 2014. He also bought a League of Legends team, FlyQuest. Along with some business partners he bought 55% of the Aston Villa Soccer Club in July 2018. This UK team plays in the second-tier Championship division. They have recently been bringing in new players in an attempt to return to playing in the Premier League. In a statement, Wes Edens said that he and his business partners plan to continue strengthening this team so that it returns to being one of England’s premier football teams. etc

Robert Deignan- success as a businessman

Running a business successfully is never easy, one must show commitment and dedication to the business in order to succeed. The problem that many businesses make is going into operations without all the tools needed to succeed. If you are not prepared to run a business, then you can rest assured that it will not succeed. A business needs to be run with the seriousness it deserves. According to statistics, about 80 percent of startup businesses globally fail with the first few years after opening doors. The question now becomes, why these businesses fail in such a short time. The main reason is usually lack of the right character when starting a business. Some people expect that once they have opened a business, everything will run smoothly. Unfortunately this is not a fact. Once a business has opened operations, it will keep on facing challenges and unless you are up to the task of running operations of the company, nothing good will come out it.

To learn the necessary tips on how to run a business, one will need to consult experienced people in the industry. Learning from the experienced is one way to avoid falling into avoidable pitfalls. Robert Deignan is a successful business person who runs a company known as ATS Digital Services. He is one of the people who love business from deep down his heart. From a young age, this is what he always wanted to do. He dreamt of being a prominent business person and today; he is just right about that. His company offers services in technology-related matters.

Robert Deignan created ATS Digital Services as a solution to the needs of the industry. Technology is fast evolving, and many people are finding it hard to match up to the high pace of evolution. One needs to be tech savvy to catch up with every move that is taking place. Robert Deignan recognized that technology problems are going to be huge incoming days and that is why he set up ATS Digital Services which provides technical support to people who are still facing challenges with technology-related matters. By contacting this company, they will have an expert ready to solve the matter at hand.



Wes Edens is privileged to be among the founders of Fortress Investment Group, a global diversified private equity firm, in 1998. Wes Edens together with Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Robert Kauffman and Michael Edward all had a good background in the financial sector before founding the firm. Wes Edens attended Oregon State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration.

Upon graduation, Wes joined Lehman Brothers where he served in the mortgage division. He also became a partner and rose up the ranks to become a Managing Director by the time he left Lehman Brothers in 1993. After Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens joined BlackRock and formed its first private equity firm. He became a partner and Managing Director until in 1997 when he left to form Fortress Investment Group with his partners.

Wes Edens sits at Fortress Investment Group Board of Directors and is responsible for the private equity division. The private equity division invests in real estate, financial services, transport and infrastructure and the healthcare sector. The firm also ventures in hedge funds and debt securities. It became the first considerable private equity to be traded publicly in its initial public offer in 2007. The firm has over 1500 institutional investors and private clients.

In 2010, Wes helped Fortress Investment Group private equity division to acquire Springleaf Financial Services making Fortress the majority stakeholder in Springleaf. By 2015, Springleaf Financial Services value had grown by over 27 times the initial acquisition value in 2010 by Fortress Investment Group. All credit for the superb performance of Springleaf Financial Services went to Wes for his undivided attention in the firm. He also became the chairman of Springleaf.

In 2014, Wes together with Marc Lasry purchased Milwaukee Bucks, a professional basketball team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for $550 million. The team is a member club in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and competes in the Eastern Central Division. Wes and Marc promised to build another arena for the team that was founded in 1968. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers joins Milwaukee Bucks ownership team

In January 2017, Wes acquired FlyQuest, a professional League of Legends team in the US. This is an eSports team that plays online video games by Microsoft Windows. Read full article

Ian King: Holding a Set of Keys For Market Success

Ian King is a cryptocurrency trader with experience in hedge fund management. He analyzes trends in the growing crypto market and imparts his insight as editor of the “Crypto Profit Trader”. He makes weekly contributions to Banyan Hill’s “Sovereign Investor Daily” too. His expertise is also sought by Investopedia and Seeking Alpha among other noteworthy names in finance.

Ian King has traded and analyzed financial markets for over 20 years. He began as a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers’ mortgage bond trading department. From there he migrated to credit derivatives at Citigroup. He worked for about ten years as a head trader at hedge fund, Peahi Capital, in New York. He arrived on the scene at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. He has a BS in Psychology from LaFayette College obtained in the mid 1990s. He is well renowned for founding Intellicoins, which provides Bitcoin analysis and trade alerts from professional traders. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

Perhaps the first indication of Ian King’s knack for marketing success was when he worked at Peahi and made 339% returns on his investments in conjunction with a team of fellow employees. His introduction to his eventual passion, cryptocurrencies, came when he left Wall Street for venture capitalism. He believes that cryptocurrencies level the investment field, giving every kind of investor the chance to gain profits with the proper tools. Ian King provides an effective system for beginning investors with his expertise and success in the crypto market. In fact, at Banyan Hill Publishing, King and other experts appeal to ordinary people. Potential investors are able to look over their advisor’s shoulder and learn by copying their strategies. They are often able to invest very little capital, meaning less risk and less stress for average investors.

Although Ian King is a cryptocurrency afficianado, his expertise goes beyond the cryto market. His analysis covers multiple facets of the financial world and the marketing environment. His specific experience with bonds and hedge funds enables him to make reasonable predictions about probable trends and provide sound, trustworthy advice in the face of volatility and uncertainty.

Check: https://hitechchronicle.com/2018/03/ian-king-says-robinhood-could-help-cryptocurrency-values-soar/

Madison Streets Capital Acts as crucial Financial Advisor to Napoleon Machine

One of the famous international investment firms is the Madison Street Capital. The company has helped many clients both local and international since it began. The organization which works with a team of financial experts can help a company boost its performance in various ways. Recently, Madison Street Capital became the leading advisor for Napoleon Machine by assisting it to acquire a credit facility. Napoleon is ISO certified and began in 2010. It offers a wide range of services to clients such as metal fabrication, light assembly, precision machine and painting among other services.




The facility came from Sterling Commercial Credit, and Charles Botchway who is the acting CEO of Madison Street Capital announced the transaction. Those present were Barry Petersen and Steve Richards who are both experts in the VP capital markets. It is expected the credit facility will offer substantial capital access to Napoleon Machine. The easy capital access is essential as the company will now have the opportunity to expand and increase their customer base in the manufacturing industry. Barry who is a senior managing director believes this move will enable Napoleon machine to develop and grow in the future.




The president of Napoleon machine spoke and said he was amazed by Madison Street Capital because they were careful listening to their story. They then took their time to understand what Napoleon Machine required before they came with the creative solution for the company. Kevin said Madison Street Capital has a team of experts who explained the advantages of the credit facility in the marketplace. They were convinced that is was a great opportunity and decided to do the transaction. Now they can have more access to their capital to increase growth with the help of the credit. Kevin said they are happy with the outcome and are ready to cooperate with Madison Street Capital in the future.




More on Madison Street Capital




Madison Street Capital is a reputable and investment banking company in the international arena. The primary reason for the success of the company is their ability to offer excellent services based on their integrity and experience. They have a willing team that is ready and happy to see things work for their customers. They help private businesses and public ones with great investment insights. With such services, the customers can be assured of the success of their businesses and proper competition in the marketplace.




The best part of Madison Street Capital is they only undertake a project when they are sure about it. They first take their time to have a proper understanding not to make mistakes. They capitalize on the emerging markets because they believe there is an opportunity for growth in these markets. They continue to assist customers in those areas with great success.



InnovaCare health is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey and offers integrated payer and provider services. The company holds a team of experts with proven records to help meet and surpass the growing demands industry. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer; she joined the company in June 2015. She had previously served as the chief operating officer and as the vice president of clinical operations of InnovaCare Health. Doctor Richard Shinto is the president and chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. He has more than 20 years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare. Mike Sortin is the chief accounting officer and was earlier the controller of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co, Ltd.


InnovaCare Health dispenses health care services to people living in Puerto Rico. By employing a state of art technologies, the company aims at providing affordable healthcare products and continuous services. The company’s health plan MMM Healthcare, LLC provides managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. The plan is outlined by Medicare y Mucho Mas and PMC Medicare Choice brands consisting of over 200,000 members served by a network of over 7,500 providers.Offering the island’s only National Committee for Quality Assurance accredited health plan, InnovaCare is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to citizens of Puerto Rico by creating sustainable of models managed care coordinated and integrated with advanced technologies.


InnovaCare is always committed to providing quality healthcare to the members. Being awarded the 4.5-star ratings proved that the quality of healthcare the people of Puerto Rico receive is of high quality. Even as the island proceeds to recover from the hurricane, InnovaCareHealth is committed to working with their network providers to further their commitment to quality health care.


The chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Penelope Kokkinides received an invitation to the white house. Penelope used the opportunity to discuss the need to have a concrete health care service across Puerto Rico. She addressed the need for adequate funding of the healthcare sector by the government. The people of Puerto Rico were at a time that needed a responsible response to help them which would prevent them from moving from the island to the state. She also pointed out the manner in which health care funding had dropped since 2011 and the figure was decreasing day by day. President Donald Trump said that the meeting consisted of healthcare professionals, doctors, and nurses who are responsible for essential roles in America’s Healthcare.